Game too hard, no loot, blahblahblah


So, this seems to be an ongoing theme.
“I played 500 years of the hardest modes in games and…”, sure, well good for you, but…
You did not play GZ.
Sure, Doom was hard, but still not GZ.

99% of the games, old and new, you are the hunter.
Not in GZ, you, my friend, are basically a kid that miraculously survived the genocide.
Dogs, cats, deers?
If you seen one…
So, no, wiped.
It is you.
And a billion machines.
Which only know 1 command: find and kill you.
You get hungry, you get tired, they do not.
To see you = to erase you.
So, game too hard?
Hell, it should be ten times harder!
You try, in RL, to pummel a machine down with noting but a pistol that falls apart (begin zone).
Not to mention, oh, and yes, I do take in account the maybe 2 missiles you got for your launcher, to take head on a tank.
It should obliterate you from a mile away.
2 miles, damnit.
With each bullet fired a head shot.
Because machines do not miss that easily.

Now that we have set the base game idea, where you basically are supposed to die every 5 steps, feeling, let’s get to the loot.
Even though you loot a case, reloading a game is not meant to respawn loot in that crate.
You’re hunted, my friend, you’re MEANT to be darned weak, and been pummeled into much every 10 seconds.
About that, we need more machines.
More enemy.
And by God, fer more aggressive enemy, with a high IQ and spotting power.

Because, my friend, as I stated before, you?
You are the duck, they are the well trained and armed para-military that will pwnzrz you.
And again…
And again…
And, oooh look a golden… Bam dead.
And again…

Since that, is the base of the game’s ideology…
To put you firm back on the ground with both feet, for you, my friend?
You are…
The duck… :wink:


Well… yes, but it also needs to be fun and needs to appeal to a large number of customers. No-one but masochists will buy a game where the AI is so tough you die every few minutes.


Generation Zero is… unique.

Basically every FPS game I played I played with god mode on (HL2, all of the Stalker games, Quake 2, Doom 3, etc.), basically because in most of those games you are one man, alone, against… everything, and everyone.

But G.Z.? Nothing. I played it as it was intended - no problem :relaxed:


I spent my first 50, perhaps 100 hours in the game scouting – sneaking and running like hell rather than engaging – so I rather enjoyed the “you’re vastly outgunned” take on the GZ universe for a while. That said, I’m also fine with the current difficulty:

While sometimes I feel like fights would be more interesting if tanks were a little smarter, my character, being of the '80s and expecting '80s tech, probably isn’t surprised they aren’t. :smile:

This however I disagree with in the strongest possible terms. Generally, there are machines where it makes sense, and no machines where it doesn’t make sense, so not spamming bots makes the world more believable. More importantly, GZ has a fantastic rhythm of explore, marvel at the landscape, scout, hear a sound, get paranoid, scout, get into a heated fight, scout some more. If there were a bot behind every tree, it’d just get boring as heck. Bot fatigue. The fantastic pacing (and the fantastic landscape) are IMHO two of GZ’s major selling points. If we had, say, 3 times as many bots spread out over the world, I think I’d just stop playing because it would just ruin the atmosphere of the game for me. It’s not like we don’t know where to go if we really want a fight right now.

ETA This is from a “mostly solo” perspective. As fighting as a team is vastly easier, I appreciate that the fights feel less dangerous, and less like an “event.” I would suggest (optionally) making the bots tougher for each team member joining (a la Borderlands etc.), rather than infesting the landscape with bots where they’re not believable.


I think the toughness is pretty well balanced. I choose my fights carefully, but I do fight and enjoy it. The beginning was pretty harsh, though. Being a child of PC gaming, I’ve never come to love the game controller (Xbox), and that is still what annoys me the most. I don’t know if I lag proper motorcontrol of my right thumb, or wireless controllers are rubbish, but I had much better aim using keyboard and mouse. So if my aim was better, the game could very well be harder.


@Saddletank Death IS fun.
Hard, extreme hard even IS fun…
The fun exists in outsmarting what tries to kill you, not in amassing hundreds of gold weapons!

@0L0 And there you see the flaw.
Played as intended… NO PROBLEM…
It should be THE ULTIMATE problem!

@Ennui But that misses the whole point!
There should be machines every 2 feet, so to speak over the ENTIRE playable area.
For one: the STORY!
20 machines did not eradicate all life, including the army having and using tanks!
So there should be a bazillion out there, on the hunt… for YOU…
A “heated fight” should only have one outcome: your demise.
AGAIN the story, you’re Mr. Babyface, MAYBE you once held a rifle, but never figured out what is was for.
And now… you oppose THE army…
One of steel, no less, and plenty firepower.
If this were a book by Stephen King, how would you fare???
The ONLY way you should be allowed to “win” a heated fight (note: win is not WIN, but managing to breath when the last one dropped) is by a COMPLETE TEAM with max firepower and skill.
As for not believable: So, you would insist a mere handful actually did commit the genocide?
Come on, you got to be smarter than that.
They should actually be everywhere, if not for hunting you, then for following a deer that is deemed a threat to them…

@IanForce You enjoy it.
That means, you win!
That means… the story, the idea, the very being of the game… failed.

People: If you feel no fear at every step, if you do not feel your heart raging in your chest, beating in your neck, hammering in your brain… then what is the point of this game?
Yet ANOTHER gold farm?
Yet ANOTHER pwnzr game?
Yet ANOTHER Hunter game?

Hell, we got plenty of those.

This should be Nightmare on Elmstreet meets Hellraiser meets The Very Pit Of Hell (not a movie, the ‘actual place’, red) meets Kill Command…
Nothing more, noting less.
Sheer bloody terror at every heartbeat!


Haha, wth? :joy: If you’re serious, I have one word for you: Desensitization.

tl;dr: The more you die, the less you care.

Also, please stop framing your personal opinions as empirical facts, and don’t tell others what they should think is fun. You might enjoy being killed ad infinitum; I don’t. You may think overcoming extreme hardship is fun; I enjoy games for the power fantasy.

Your opinion is just as valid as mine or that of anyone else. I would never dismiss someone else’s grievances as whining, however. Why not make the game as accessible to as many people as possible instead by implementing, say, an optional easy mode (and for that matter, an even harder mode)? You don’t have to use it. It would literally not detract a single thing from your experience, yet it would make a lot of people who struggle with the current difficulty very happy.


Now, that was very much do or die, semper fi, gung ho, @Xogroroth :wink:. But every woman, her opinion! For my part, death becomes less fun for each close encounter you’ve had with it in real life. So, forgive me, but I appreciate being alive, and would prefer to stay that way. I looked up the definition of the word “game”: an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun. For me the game Generation Zero does exactly that. If you like dying galore - and I don’t judge - I hope you find a game (not a reality) that gives you that. Peace, love, and good health to everybody :hugs:


My God, GZ is a walk in the park…
They hand you everything, from loot to gold stuff.
Look at a bot, it drops dead for you.

I mean, just look at the bridge from the last showcase… :frowning:
It CAN’T get easier! :frowning:

(Wo)Man up for crying out loud. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pedal to the metal, @Xogroroth! Good spunk :joy:


Hell yeah!!! XD

Now, I used, which most failed to get, what is called hyperboles.

But an increase in ‘danger’ would come to the game’s best, for sure…
It is, and it’s shown in the latest showcase, just too easy…


I wouldn’t mind a “Knee deep in Hell” or “Kill me plenty” setting in the game, as long as it is true to the game designers visions for the story, and they keep the “Take it easy, Granpa” option for me. I’m in it for the story, the missions, the world exploration, the immensely beautiful landscape, and of course the suspense and the occasional fights :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, optional would in fact be beastly.

That, Sir, is a DAMN fine idea right there, and I’ll send this directly to Mr. Graham!!!

Thank you VERY much for this idea!!!

EDIT: Done!


I would have agreed 4 months ago, when the balance WAS way off - and there was no consistent loot no matter where you went or who you killed but this reads from someone who expected something and got his ass handed to him by the first runner.

We’ve all been there, take a step back - slow your pace of game down, enjoy the scenery and the game will eventually become more enjoyable to play. Yes, you do have to accept the difficulty is one size fits all but you will adjust. Get to Torsberg fort South West east coast and that should set you up nicely.


This, again, is not a game about loot, but survival…

This should not be the so manyeth whatever game, a clone of cloned clones that was cloned of a cloned game… :frowning:
Too many of those out there, and it is darned boring.


Seems to be a little of Expectations Vs Reality. I took one look at that art work and game play demo and basically tagged it FarCry with robots. If you didn’t know, its built on The Hunter - which is not a survival game. If you want survival - DayZ will keep you entertained.



Nah, this game, but much, much harder (optional)… :slight_smile:


DayZ’s permadeath is probably has tough a gaming setup as you will ever get. The only tougher death setup I can imagine is when you die the game auto-deletes and you’re $50 out of pocket. That might sharpen your aim a tad. And DayZ isn’t about zombies BTW, its about other players who will snipe you from 500yds away without thinking about it. Zombies are a complete irrelevance in DayZ as you just run away from them.

Anyway, I think you have made your point well and eloquently. I fear though that you are seeking a game mode that no sensible developer would ever make as it would appeal to so few people and would be a financial failure. Even as an option it would need 100s of hours of dev time and few would play it.

You probably need to join a military organisation and go to a war zone to get the buzz you are seeking!


Been a military, until I had an accident…
1st Lt, Belgian Para unit, 1st Linie, Marche Les Dames. :slight_smile:


Flashback! Aliens 1986, Private Hudson: “How do I get out of this chickensh!t outfit?” :joy: Well, @Xogroroth, this civilian salutes you :+1: