Game unplayable / wont load

Platform: PC

Description: Game worked fine for first 4 hrs of play then when logging back in I was greeted with ‘Performing online login’ and it won’t load past it. I’ve tried completely reinstalling the game but that didn’t work either.

Steps To Reproduce: Just load the game.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: As other steam games work perfectly fine for me I assume it’s client side.

Players in your game: N/A

Specifications: EVGA 2080ti Black, i7 8700k, 16gb DDR4 ram, windows 10.

Strange. I’m on PC as well and I can log in just fine. Thanks for the report though, I’ll see if I can get ahold of a dev to take a look at this issue.

Cheers! Game ran like clockwork when I initially was able to play it. I also sometimes get this error msg after a crash report ‘Steam must be running and logged in to play title online’. IDK why I’m getting this as steam is logged in and running :frowning:

did a search for it and found a couple other games where people have had the same issue. you probably either tried them or they don’t apply to you but might be worth a shot

disable any mods
are you using a controller? if so try unplugging the controller until the game loads
pretty sure you said you reinstalled but verify files
wait a while- how long have you let it stay on performing online login before closing and trying again?

also just found an older post where it happened to someone else, could be corrupt save file. have you tried making a new save file?

Platform: PC

Description: Game will boot up but gets stuck on ‘Performing online Login’.

I’ve had the game for a total of 4hrs and it worked fine. Went to eat dinner, came back and when booting the game I got ‘Performing Online Login’ and it won’t go past it.

Hey guys, I’m currently trying to fix an issue surrounding the game not being able to load because of it looping ‘Performing online login’. I’m looking for a little help from someone who plays on PC. If that’s you then follow the instructions below (this will take you 2 mins) and comment your findings.

Step 1) Open steam client and go to library tab.

Step 2) Find Generation Zero and right click and select properties

Step 3) Go to local files tab

step 4) Copy and paste the " Current content Build " number that is in the bottom left into a comment on this post.

Thanks in advance,

Step 2,5) Go to Local Files tab :wink:


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my current buildid is 3933731

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Oops… Missed that bit out :grimacing: Cheers for the help!

Cheers! Mind if I add you on steam and get you to do another couple little tasks (that would take 1 min)?

Currently I have nothing better to do so You can add me - steam user name: olo_c

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this won’t be in format because it’s an update.

Only important thing I discovered is when I run steam in offline mode and my wifi is still connected the game still displays ‘Performing online login’. However if I run steam in offline mode AND turn off my wifi the game gets stuck on the same loading screen however it is just black with the loading icon down the bottom right / no sign of the ‘Performing online login’ BS. This however still doesn’t allow me to play the game…

Devs pls fix.


Hello, @Isaac :wave:

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue.

I’ll take a look and hopefully we can get this sorted out for you somehow!

In the meantime, please do not create new bug reports for the same issue, but rather keep all further information gathered in one place (this thread). I decided to merge all your separate posts about this issue into this thread to make it easier to follow the development. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello again @Isaac :wave:

Let me know if I have mistunderstood anything:

  • You played a total of 4h without issues. You then closed the game and went away for a bit, started the game later and the issue started occurring
  • You have tried playing online and offline but still getting stuck at the same screen
  • Issue still occurs after reinstalling the game
  • Other steam games work fine but GenZ doesn’t
  • You occasionally get an error message “steam must be running and logged in to play title online” after sending a crash report, despite being logged in and having steam running

To be able to better tackle the issue I would very much appreciate if you could test the following things:

  1. Try turning ON and OFF steam cloud sync and boot the game

  2. Try turning OFF steam cloud sync and boot the game

  3. Try verifying integrity of game files then boot the game

  4. Do you have the latest version of steam installed?

  5. Would you mind giving us a copy of your save file? IF yes, copy and upload it to a temporary online storage and share a link with me in a PM. Having the save file might help us find the issue.
    Your save file can be found in: Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves

  6. (NOT IDEAL - Only try this as a last resort and if you are up for it) Delete your save file and boot the game. Does it still occur? I totally understand if you are not prepared to do this and I am hoping we do not have to go down this route, but it is an option worth exploring IF all else fails.

Thank you for your time :pray: and again, sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.
I will raise the issue with the team and hopefully we can get around this somehow!

I’ll check in here tomorrow.


Hey Knivspark!

I’m not at my own PC right now but will do the tests you’ve suggested tomorrow once I’m back home and will get back to you with my findings. Since I’m only 4hrs into the game I don’t really mind deleting my save file. I love this game and wouldn’t mind playing through what I already have in the name of science. Thank you so much for your time. :+1: and sorry for being a bit of a pain in the butt.



A wee update. Just booted up my PC for the first time in a couple days. Loaded the game and am having no issues however my save file is gone. I haven’t done anything you suggested, it just works. I don’t know what caused this but thanks for the advice and I’ll make sure to use your advice if the issue arises at a later date. Although I now have to start again I’m just happy it works.



Good to hear that you can play again, @Isaac!

If you get this (or other issues) again do not hesitate to come back here to the forum.

Have fun!


This post should be sticky on these forums where you look for game help regarding steam!
The post is PERFECT and is the solution to soooooo many steam game issues.

And…Its easy to do, and the users cant fek something up!.
Please sticky it in a forum where you ask for techical help!

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I had the same issue and had to delete my save file. Ran fine after that. Does anyone know what is corrupting the save file and causing this issue? I lost all my save data and had to start from scratch so I only recommend it as a last resort. If there is a better way without losing my save data id really like to know.