Game washed out!

I’ve got an issue and am unsure just what’s causing it, but in game a lot of things seem washed out/over exposed but when you turn your character a bit either way to the left or right the game then becomes really clear with no fog effect. Does anyone know just what causes this and how to fix it in any way. This happens quite a bit in indoor settings and almost as much outdoors. I’m running an nVidia GTX960 and the current drivers if this is any help, thinking maybe a driver issue.

My guess would be a lighting issue somewhere in the rendering process. While I’ve not seen the exact issue you’re describing, I’ve seen similar things in areas that are illuminated by especially bright lights (like the space just behind the vehicle stations near each safehouse).

First thing I would suggest is to verify the game data (in Steam, you can do this by going into the ‘Local FIles’ section of the game properties and clicking ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files…’). Probably won’t find any issues, but it’s easy to check and if it does find an issue it may save you from having to check other stuff.

Next suggestion would be to try tweaking the graphics settings in game to see if you can find a particular set of settings that resolve it. Some combinations of GPU hardware, drivers, and games just have issues for no apparent reason.

Barring both of those, it’s probably either a driver issue or a hardware issue (I’d assume a driver issue first though unless you’re seeing odd behavior in other programs that heavily utilize your GPU).

I described a similar effect here (Distant objects Blurry). Do you mean this blurry effect?

not really, it’s like in a building you have a fog but as you rotate your character either left or right only a little bit the game becomes clear and crisp. EDIT: I switched my monitor to theatre mode and not gaming mode which helped somewhat, but I think it’s the lighting in game that’s causing the most issues, don’t know what setting affects the light, maybe if we had a gamma and contrast slider we may be able to something more with the game lighting.