Game won't start on Xbox series x

The game was working like a charm on the new Xbox, no crashes, no problems…smooth as butter. But since today it won’t start, it just kicks me off after signing in. Can’t even go to the menu. What can I try besides hard restart of the console? Or is the problem not coming from my side :confused:? It’s kinda odd actually, so all of a sudden.

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From the Xbox dashboard select the game, press the menu button on the controller (three lines) and then select quit.

Re-launch the game.

GZ hates Quick Resume. Whenever you finish playing bring up the Xbox menu and quit the game fully.

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It’s the same on Playstation.

If your game doesn’t start to main menu try to delete your apex connect account by browser. Then start the game again and restore your account if asked for.

Thanks for the tip but unfortunately it didn’t work. :pensive:

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You could try deleting your local save file which will force the Xbox to download a copy from the cloud.

Just a question. You haven’t played it on PC via GamePass since last playing on Xbox have you?

I tried everything so far, reinstalling. Moving it to another harddrive, deleted my save games. And no I haven’t played it on PC.

I just read somewhere else in a thread that it has to do with DRM.

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Isn’t there just for steam drm?

The same with me. I restarted the console, removed and reinstalled the game, deleted the savegame and reloaded it nothing helps can´t play anymore

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Same here! I used to experience crashing every 30 to 45 minutes but now my partner and I just get kicked from each other’s games anytime we try to start a defense or an assault mission. It’s gotten worse for sure

I received a reply from the team. They are looking into it with high priority. A lot of people have this problem and it’s not on our side. So have patience, that’s all we can do . I know it’s hard :yum:

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