Game wont start

i have just bought GenZ yesterday and since i’ve tried playing with no success, i go to start the game and it will say performing first time start up and will do such till the end of time, i let it try to setup for about 3 hours with no success at all and i just want to play

Which platform U using?

if you are using steam , the first thing i would do is verify the files downloaded properly.

Heyo, I’m moving this to Bug Reports, although technically not a bug, it’s still an issue that needs working out so we’ll see if it can do better there.

ive done this before but i will try it again, when i go to launch the game it says steam must be running and logged in to play title online

I actually had this “Steam must be running” message a few days ago too and the game refused to launch.

Steam was definitely running. Closing and restarting Steam did not fix the issue. Rebooting my PC did. But I guess you already tried that.