Gamecrash and my profile is erased

I got a gamecrash and after the game restarts im back at Level 1. It is possible to Get back where I was or do I have to play the entire game from scratch again :frowning:


Same here :(. I play the game on PC. It has crashed on multiple occasions and I’ve experienced a lot of bugs during the 60+ hours I’ve played. But today when it crashed, all I saw was “New game” and my level 21 character is gone with the wind. 62 hours down the drain. Refund, Avalanche?

This is extremely unfortunate to hear about. The developers are slaving away in Stockholm working through all the bugs. It saddens me to inform that you’re more than likely not going to get that save back. However you can help to improve this by filling out the correct bug report format so the issue can be addressed. Once again sorry to hear about your experience. :frowning:

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me too . the saddest crash ever.

i would be more than happy to help some of you guys out with missions and weapons , alot of us would :smiley: ,pls find on discord chan at