Gameplay Improvement Suggestions

I’ve only just crossed the second bridge, but here are my suggestions for improved game play:

Multi Player Preference Option - Can we have “Allow” or “Invite Only” be in the main menu options, or at least have the default as “Invite Only”.

Weapon Mod Stats - Currently when a weapon’s Mod stats, I need to unequip it. Can we gain an info bar when we mouse hover over the Mod icon under the weapon (IE – Ammo Count, Quality, x1-4, etc).

Overall Weapon Stats - When adding a Mod to a weapon like noise reduction, it decreases the Dmg. Can the overall stats of the Modified weapon be shown. Can we also see the “Noise” level of the weapon (I think the shot gun attracts more attention than the pistol but not sure). Also, what are the effective ranges of the weapons, can they be listed in meters? What is the kill/wound radius of various things that blow up?

Hunter rifle description says it does low damage, and Assault Rifle says it does more Dmg than the Hunter Rifle … but the Hunter Rifle has x2 Dmg Ticks to it than the Assault???

Character Stats - When in Profile can we see the character’s overall Noise, Visibility, Speed, etc.

Noise in Game - Can the noise level of the character in game reflect its current noise level. I.E. Walking/running through the woods would be different with “Noise Reduction” and no reduction. While the weapon sounds are reduced, do they reflect the actual noise level? Does Apparel Noise Reduction affect weapons?

Add a Storage Locker - You don’t need it at every safehouse; maybe just the safehouse bunkers.

Item Management - When picking up items, can they restock items in our quick bars and ammo in weapons. Can we split items to multiple groups so I can drop some to friends in multiplayer without giving up the entire stack.

Profile – Apparel - Leave selection of apparel as is but without bonuses. At the end of each category have an “Apply Bonus” line that you can search through to select a bonus. These could be found as Mods (IE – “Shirt Mod – Noise Reduction”). Right now there is a ton of apparel I don’t use because they have the wrong/no bonus. Currently my character looks like it was dressed by my 3 year old niece.

Add a “Tracer Round” Mod - I’d like to test fire my guns (at beginning of game) and see the flight path. The downside would be enemies will know immediately where you are.

Add Loot Reset Option - I replay areas to stock up loot, but know where all the loot boxes are. Can we add a loot reset option that reset Loot Spawn location. This would also reset your x/# found at locations; but fixed items like guns would not respawn.

Base Power - When reloading a game the bases power is no longer on. Can we leave it on so we can re-enter them through the locked doors.

Base Safehouse Field Radio - For convenience of mutiplayer, can the safehouse of a base have a Field Radio spawn on each login.

Robot Spawning - Spent a good time clearing the naval base. Relogged in to go for the Naval bunker; but the naval base was crawling with the same robots again. Is there a way to Cap robots from respawning in areas you already cleared; or spawn random robot patrols instead of the same fixed robots. With current gameplay, when re-entering the same area later in the same game (after a reload), or entering an area I played in another game; I can tell my friends “This farm as 4 runners and 2 seekers” and “we are clear of robots until the next farm” with very good accuracy. This is annoying for coming back to locations that take a long time to clear, but you haven’t completed; and takes away the replay ability of the game.

Relay as Spawning Point - Those guarded relays that contain Field Radios. Can they act as spawn points for robots to wander from on reloads (with orders to go to certain areas if you want) – but once the relay is destroyed, it stays destroyed (keeping an area relatively robot free – or minimal random wandering robots). Also add the option at main menu to respawn relays (and thus robots).

Loot – Location Giveaway - When walking into an area, I get a summary like “Loot 0/32”. This is ok for towns and farms; but “Oh look, there is a bunker in the area, lets search”. Bunkers should only show this once you actually enter them so as not to tip off the location.

Threat Radar Downgrade - The threat radar gives enemies away. I’ll run down the road, see the white radar pop up, so I stop and look at the direction it is pointing in. Also, ticks can’t hide in bunkers because of this. Maybe have a solid ring appear (white/yellow) and the semi-circle/arrow appears only when engaged in combat. Not sure about what you could do about auto detect of enemies (White radar notice).

Make Buildings Potentially Dangerous - Toss in a tick once in awhile (Part of the loot drop). They should remain dormant until you bring up a Search icon over them; then they become active (Radar warning appears), but you can shoot them before that). This way you need to be more cautious when looting.

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Add more robots like alot the game is half empty. Make a scouting robot if he spots u he calls reinforcements make the game dangerous. And thrilling

I love a lot of these ideas. Most of all;

Weapon Mod Stats

Overall Weapon Stats

Character Stats

Item Management

Make Buildings Potentially Dangerous

are the ones I want to see come soon. These would be amazing to see and would be a great addition to be more able to see stats and hazards in the game. Feel more weak. You do take damage pretty well but you also dish it out really well.


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