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I’ve learned through some youtube channels that the developers currently have no plans to add any of the remaining islands into a DLC. IF this is correct, then I am requesting that the developers just throw up some bridges to each of the large islands so that players can get to them and place some firebirds flying over them. This would give the players some new world space for exploration and something to shoot at as well. Respectfully submitted…

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If in the following 6 months the worst is confirmed and there will not be made any plans for the islands.
Then making bridges or a"boat with line" (alpine unrest) and just putting machines in the islands would be better than nothing yes…


There are currently no plans to add more landmass to the game.

The main focus right now is improving the gameplay experience on the main island.
After that though, who knows. Just sprinkling some enemies and adding bridges seems a bit lazy,
to be honest.

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If sprinkling enemies and adding bridges is the only way that the islands can be opened up, I’ll accept lazy- at least until I’ve explored the islands. Then I’ll move on.

I agree with Zesiir.
What is it good for if there are just you, the wood and some machines?
For just going to the islands there already is unrecommended and unsupported way, at least for pc-users.

hidden detail


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Just adding bridges and islands to more land would not really provide anything. It will just be new land to shot robots at. I would like to see more story, new type of enemies or new level of base building. If I just want to shot robots, then I can pick any field or forest on all the islands we already have.


You have to blow yourself up to do that, and I self- nerf my own survival mode and try to avoid dying at all costs. If that had a bridge, I’d use it. It’s better than nothing, which is what they’ve already said that they’re doing.

I’d like to see more storyline as well. I’ve been asking for that and new world space for months. Did you actually read my post?

Just costs 1 or 2 experimental med kits.

Don’t you actually have to die to get there, or do the exp. kits prevent that?

We should end this discussion at this point due to forum rules…

Yep. It’s off-topic anyway.