Games Pass for PC Issues

I downloaded this game for PC off Xbox games pass app. I have run into the following issues:

1: The game will load till I hear music I can sign in using my Xbox handle the game begins to load then freezes then crashes. ( this does not happen every time just most of the time)
2: Multiplayer option button brings up a window that says something like “Checking on line status” very briefly. Every time I click the button.
3: I cannot join my friends games from within the game client nor from the Xbox dashboard on PC.

My PC meets or exceeds all recommended specs. GPU drivers are up to date. I have followed the troubleshooting options provided by the support page. (though it seems to be geared more towards Steam than Xbox) My Nvidia GeForce Experience app does not detect the game even though I have set it up within the control panel. Really not sure what to do here. I enjoy the game immensely when I am able to play it unfortunately these moments are few and far between. This is the only game I experience any issues of this nature with. Please help