Gaming Chair suggestions?

Hello all,

I am newbie here. So I need your help please. I am looking for a Cheap Gaming Chair for long time usage. Because I work from home. So most of the time of the day I need to stay at home and need to work sitting on a chair. Now I need a reliable and long lasting chair under $200. If you know about where can I get this please let me know. However, I found something which I would like to share
Can I try this under my budget and long lasting?

What do you think? If you have another option please let me know. Thanks!

maybe not in a good price range but i want this one myself !
It may not swivel but it has a bar fridge.

Good suggestions, but I hope OP did find a good chair during the last 2 years :smiley:

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That’s some solid necro there. :roll_eyes:

My advice: if you’re going to spend most of your time sitting in it - don’t buy it online. Instead, go to local furniture store, where they have them on display and put your ass into it. This way, you can try them out and find the most suitable for you. Don’t buy the one that is most suitable to reviewer, since yours and their needs, body type and weight are different.

That’s what i did and i’m happy with my purchase. :smile:


:rofl: I’ve fallen prey to necromancy too. Usually because the mobile view suggests them to me!

If it looks like something I’m interested in or I might know the answer to is way too easy to click before seeing the post date. If possible I’d suggest limiting the “Suggested” threads to exclude older topics.

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Secret Lab Omega 2077 Edition

*ill also add to check local marketplace pages. Facebook marketplace for example - Got my son a new one in January as ( the sellers son ) didn’t like it. Cost me half the new price - all with tags, packaging, and receipt.

Because of covid- some goods are non returnable so try grab yourself a bargain.

If anybody really wonders which chair to buy in times of Covid:


And if you sit lik this guy:


…then buy a stool :wink:


Just buy a comfortable office chair. Gaming chairs (from my experience) are not as good as the price suggests. But I’ve sat in some office chairs they usually have out at the store that I still think about.


When it comes to gaming chairs, my number one choice is Noblechairs Hero

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Since OP asked for gaming chair suggestions 2 years ago, i take that OP has gotten the item they looked for. Due to this, this topic has served it’s purpose and i’ll lock it.


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That, and the number of spambots this thread seems to attract has been rather silly :thinking: