Garphammar house 'leaks in enemies'


What happens: The hunters even get stuck in the ceiling, as they don’t fit in the house… but in they come swarming, doggies seem to know the same route, and are usually stuck behind the hunter(s)
There is an invisible wall just before entering the room from where I have my back at the start of the video, preventing one from shooting them from outside. I’ll add a screenshot from another recording.

Reason I’m there at all? One of those ‘started but not recorded as finished’ side-mission markers are floating there, and impossible to get rid of when visiting the place, that usually dislodged the visual annoyance (seen floating from anywhere in the world, not only on map)

Repro Hard to be in that area without drawing some attention, so they’ll line up in the room sooner or later

Video and coords

Screenie of non existing wall taking some fire

Host/solo Host at least

Only been there alone while testing it, and think I ended up there picking up a garden gnome or some other collectable i had left.

I7 6700k, GB G1 1080 GTX, 32gb ram