Gas Mask does work. Sorry developers

Platform: Ps4 slim

Description: Entered Skvadern Bunker, equipped my gas Mask to enter gas filled room. The gas Mask provided no protection.

Host/Client: Host

Players in game: Solo

Specification: Ps4 Slim

Without a Gas Mask cannot complete mission. Lives are depending on me :grin:

Have experienced the same. There is literally no difference having one vs not having one.

Hey Zatochi this sounds like quite the issue. A little work around will be to spam medical supplies while in the bunker. Not the best solution but should work. Thank you for taking the time for writing out a bug report.

Hi ProntoManagement,
I thought about trying that, but I don’t know how long it takes to get through the gas. Also I like to loot everything.

As a leader could you put in a good word about the gas Mask :wink:

PS. Tell the developers I like the way the gas mask reduces visibility. Nice touch. Seen others complaining about it. I think it make it more realistic. Cannot wait till they find out they got a faulty gas Mask, as well as reduced vision :joy:

Thanks for replying. I got robots to exterminate!

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Gas masks are just meant to reduce the damage you take. Not fully remove the damage. :slight_smile:


Post retracted by Moderator. Spamming posts.

I got the gas Mask upgrade and mask and I lasted 15 seconds going in with full health :confused:

Seriously you told me to send an error report after I sent one. So I sent a bunch more Now your just straight up ignoring me!!

Looking at the picture that’s a big one, or should I say it was a big one :smirk:

Excuse me I thought u where the moderator

No I’m not a moderator :joy:

I just a player like you.

The gas mask as I understand it only protects you from half the damage you would have received without it. Without resistance I believe the damage is 6points and with half resistance its 3.

Hey Killer3691kill2,

I gave it another try with gas resistance and gas Mask. It depleted my health from 100 down to 18 then stops.

Use your meds after coming out the gas.

Thanks for the help

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Im on ps4 gas mask dosnt work like it should i have the perk and mask my health deteriates rapidly.Its easier to die and use revive lasts longee.


Read my previous post. Health drops to 18, then stops

Maybe YOUR health drops to 18 and stops—my health always drops to zero, and I conk out, and need adrenaline. Also, in some gas rooms my health drops MUCH faster than my health packs can increase it, so it’s always death. I have to just leave that bunker.

Note that I have the 10% resistance perk also, and the mask.

I think every one here is correct , the bug seems intermittent based on factors of the open world (( mission progress - location - bugged items in inventory )) , it could be ’ working ’ not working ’ half working , hey it could be making it worse by speeding up health loss , patch next week for all Devices :smile: hope its fixed