Gas Mask item quality and a pouch with Quality levels as well

Hey Guy.

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All military and ex military knows once you deployment or go in training. One thing will be rigged 99.99% of the time and its the gdamn gas ask. Lol. So as former recon marksman infantry, this is a piece that follows you everywhere. It could be nice to find different quality masks ans different quality pouches. The better the pouch, the cleaner and quicker it gets put on.

I know there is the weapon wheel on its way but is this something that could go on a quick access button specially for PS4 and Xbox users since we don’t have a full keyboard for hot keys and macros.

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If not what do you guys think?


I agree. The gas mask is garbage rn and adding different rarities to it would be better. So maybe a 5c one for example would give 80 or 90% dmg resistance against gas. A way to balance it out would be that you would need to craft or find new filters for the gas masks!