Gas Masks Cause Headaches

I wish it were an option to change the clouded screen affect that comes from wearing the gas mask. It is such a useful item, but the on-screen change causes major dizziness and migraines for me and my family who all play together.

Gladly there are just a handful of locations in bunkers where they can be useful.

On the other hand, just don’t wear them.
Their protection isn’t as great. You still need first aid kits to heal yourself. But don’t forget the skill for some gas resistance.

I mostly like the 40% resistance when I get gas bombed in combat.

Well, that’s not an issue a gas mask really helps against. If you get gas bombed in combat that often, you’re too immobile.
Always keep on moving and those small gas clouds don’t play a role anymore.

I feel the same about the Experimental PVG-90, with the sound, it’s loud and can’t put a silencer on it, :cold_sweat:, it’s alright though, I’m using the 5* Pvg-90 more days anyway with augmentation, I like the sound of that one