Gas masks need to be revamped

This topic of gas masks has been touched on in a few other threads, but I thought I would start a thread on HOW to improve them, instead of just saying they need to be.

So, any suggestions are welcome, I’ll start.

Currently the gas masks do not actually protect you from the gas (which is the definition of a gas mask, but I digress) personally, I think that the gas masks should actually protect you, but only for a limited amount of time.

The way that actual gas masks work is they have filters that are meant for specific gases. These filters, of course, wear out, meaning you have a relatively small amount of time to use them before you become susceptible to the gas. My idea is for the devs to add filters to the game that go in the gas masks, and only work for a few minutes. This would make it so you can not be protected indefinitely, but don’t lose all of your health when you use it.

To balance it, if you’re filter runs out, you lose health until you replace it, or leave the gas.


Well, there are topics that also explain how they should be improved. What makes your topic different from those? :thinking:

As far as your filter idea goes, i’ve seen it before in the forums (but currently to sleepy to search for it :sleeping: ).

Even if devs would implement the filter system, it still doesn’t make you immune to the gas. Since gasses in game, damaging ones, are the type that also damages player if it comes in contact of the bare skin. Hence why in-game gas mask only reduces the damage intake and not completely negating it.
E.g think about tear gas. You don’t need to inhale tear gas for it to affect you.

wow im stupid i had no idea gas masks didnt help

They do help, but not for 100% protection.

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Lead developer, Björn, explained exactly how gas resistance works in the game:

Even with the above showed statistics the masks don´t work how they should work.
They work as a covid mask would work on these situations, not killing you immediately but after a minute if exposed that long.
Well that does not make sense, military masks should at least give us a few minutes without any damage from the gas.
Although in real life the masks would work for hours, for game balance a few minutes would be enough.

I agree the masks do need a revamp i mean the damage lowering is ok but not really worth the slightly obscured view you get.

You all seem to be forgetting the Hazard Mask, part of the challenge tree - as part of the Hazard Suit.

That offers no protection from gas.

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That is just a symptom of the problem.
The problem is masks don´t work as mask on this game, they work as a cloth covering your face, not protecting you from the gas.

Yeah someone dropped the ball that day for sure.

It does. It’s now even listed under “Gas mask”, where it used to be standalone.

Pfft, Resistance update no doubt.

I’ll add that to the things to check when it lands

i guess im braindead now

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Maybe that would be a good compromise. If the devs made it that the hazard suit offered you total protection from gas, for a limited amount of time, it would help both parties. The players would be happy because it would give them something to grind for, apparel wise, and the devs would be happy because you would still have the possibility to sustain damage, thus, it wouldn’t make us OP, which the devs seem to feel very concerned about.

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Maybe they can rework the gas dispersion mechanic in itself. It’s totally ridiculous that gas comes straight through solid walls (without doors/windows ! ) e.g. church bell-towers in the middle section or in the basement.

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Amen to that. Those gas physics are getting pretty old.

On a side note, if the gas mask was made more of a utility than eyewear, it could be equipped to one of the D-pad slots, and be put on as soon as you enter gas, so you don’t have to go all the way into your inventory to put it on.


While Björns explenation is nice, the problem remains. Gas masks are such a faff to put on because they’re classed as clothes and not items and obscure vision so they’re not worth the measly 20% boost.
It would perhaps be OK if there were masks of different conditions and one-star gave 20% while five star gave 70% and much less obscured vision.
51% with all of those perks is just silly. IRL, a mask alone would probably extend your lifespan in proximity to corrosive gas by 20-50x.

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With that much protection from gas mask alone, you can make yourself immune to the gas + then some.
70% from the mask + 10% from Chemist + 10% from Armor lvl3 + 25% from Vanguard = 115%. :unamused:

There was a time where Chemist + Vanguard = gas immunity but that was eventually patched out.

Also, gas is the element in the game that can have the most resistance against. No other element comes close. E.g Bullet resistance goes as high as 55% (20% from apparel + 10% from Armor lvl1 + 25% from Vanguard). But since we have Chemist skill which gives extra 10% gas resistance, gas resistance goes up to 65%, when not factoring in Last Man Standing skill.

IRL, if a corrosive gas is literally corroding your arms and legs off, then how could a (gas) mask extend your lifespan 20 to 50 times? :thinking:

In games, you can always play around with the numbers. They could just cap gas resistance at 95% and call it a day.

Well, of course, it’s a matter of how aggressive the corrosive nature of the gas in question is. But if we’re to speak of chemical warfare agents which have actually been used, like mustard or chlorine gas, then those don’t literally corrode your arms and legs off. It gives you severe burns and nasty wounds, as well as being painful. You need a LOT of exposure for it to kill you, while mild exposure might only cause you discomfort.
Your eyes and lungs are however MUCH more sensitive. One might lose eye sight virtually instantly, making it impossible for soldiers to escape. That’s before you take into consideration that even mild exposure will cause the lung to bleed, making said person basically drown in their own blood.
Thus: no mask and you’re dead in seconds. A mask and you have maybe a minute or more.

So yes, for any type of CBRN agent, a mask will give you a significantly increased chance of survival. There is of course the debate of whether you’d have a life worth living afterwards, but since this is just a fun game, I don’t think we should get into that.

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Since i’m not a real life chemist, i don’t know the minute details of chemical warfare and how it is IRL. What i know, is how gasses work in GZ and i still don’t see why the gas resistance needs to be increased.


  • Gas resistance is the highest in-game, compared to the other resistances.

  • Gas isn’t the most wide spread/primary damaging element in the game.
    In my game, #1 is Bullets and #2 is Explosives.

  • You can easily run out from the machine deployed gas clouds.
    It’s not so easy to dodge bullets/rockets.

  • Gas damage is low, only few HP per tick.
    It’s not like it’s 20 HP per tick (which at one point was in the game but was nerfed/patched out.)

  • In bunkers, gas is contained only in few rooms, giving you plenty of time to equip the gas mask.
    And if you sprint through the room, you can clear it within seconds.

So, remind me again, as of why the gas resistance value needs to be increased? :thinking:
Is it because, you, deliberately, put yourself into a bad situation where you will be getting gas damage at extended periods of time and refuse to do little, if any, to escape from the gas to save your life?

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