Gas masks not really protecting against gas

I have been noticing that gas masks don’t really work. This is particulary tough when dealing with missions involving gas where I go through bandage kits like they were candy.


Gas masks used to work in a really odd way, where if you put on a gas mask and had full health when you enter a room filled with gas, your health would stop draining once your health reaches 20.

However, I also believe that since the last patch, the mask actually slows down the health drain.

Shouldnt gas masks really just stop the health from depleting all together though?


alot of clothing items dont work anymore

Well, in terms of game mechanics, the devs might not want to turn gas filled rooms into something completely stress-free.

In terms of reality, gas masks don’t give absolute protection. A soldier would never put on a gas mask of this type and storm into a place they know there’s gas. Poison can still be absorbed through the skin and if the gas is of a type designed to suffocate people, then a gas mask doesn’t really do anything, as it doesn’t magically generate oxygen.

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This is why this game will die with no true fan base. You defend the gas mask mechanics because of realism, but on other threads you bash the idea of adding more realism.

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The gas masks do work against the white-coloured gas used by Hunters. The yellow gas we encounter in bunkers (and sometimes as a close-range defense by Harvesters and Tanks) may be the kind that the gas masks are not made for. Keep in mind, they do actually mention ingame that the yellow gas was developed specifically for the machines to use as a weapon.

You’re seeing this as much too black and white.
I criticized the original solution for gas masks (health dropping to a certain percentage, but not lower), so no, I’m not defending the devs regardless of what they do.
I haven’t opposed against realism either (only needless complexity that doesn’t make the game more fun), nor have I said that gas masks are correctly implemented at the moment. What I have said is that they’ve implemented it in a way that from both a gameplay and realism perspective is understandable.
Personally, I’d like to see them removing gas altogether. It’s just a pain in the ass and doesn’t ad anything.

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Gas masks currently don’t do anything, sadly

they slow the effects of the gas for me, I thought that was what was intended. pretty sure if they were meant to completely stop it then they would be an inventory item that you would have to keep space in your bag for.

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They do absolutely nothing tested walking in room without and with gas mask and lost same amount of health both ways they are a waste…

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This feels appropriate.


I’ve never found gas masks to be worth a damn since launch. Getting the chemist perk has far more effect than the gas mask ever will. I’ve never noticed them working on my health drain. And the reduced visibility make them a pain in the ass to use, not to mention the hassle of having to dig through a bunch of menus in order to use it. Haven’t used them since early after launch.

I heal myself to 100% before going into a gas room and make sure I have medkits handy. I always do it that way and I’ve yet to be killed by gas.

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I found that with a gas mask or without at least Xbox one x version with yellow gas once I got 25 health it will never go below with or without gas mask. With the white gas with or without gas mask I will die no matter what if no health packs and reduces at same rate in both situations


That’s been my observation as well. In other words, as it’s currently implemented, the gas mask is a useless item.


You know what would be great? If the “Chemist” perk granted you immunity to gas damage so long as you have a gas mask variant equipped.

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sorry i couldnt help it


Not completely useless, just like the clothing items that grant no stat bonuses, it does kind of provide a way to add your own challenge to the game (reduced visibility as an option to make the game harder is actually a pretty rare thing in many FPS games, even though it should be dead simple to implement).

if i had my way , i would have loud annoying breathing noise when wearing a gas mask , and reduce visibilty to about %30 , and completely remove the skill perk chemist as it is a waiste of a skill point imho

Given that it actually does work, it’s not entirely a waste. Also, the bonus ammo perk further into that line is really helpful if you’re playing solo, as is lock-picking.