GEN.Z Combat tree skill Question


Does these two combat skills “trigger happy” and “make 'em count” stack together?


I can’t follow at the moment.
What exactly do you mean?
Do you have screenshots?

No, they don’t. One apply to automatic fire and the second one to semi-automatic.

Do make em count stack with other weapons? besides selective fire weapons with full auto?

It only works with selective fire weapons (ARs, SMGs)… at least I’m guessing that is the way it should work. There is really no way to tell. And we had cases of skills not working or working incorrectly.

The description is “Single shot fire with automatic weapons does more damage to components.”, so like @0L0 said, it should in theory only work with select fire weapons set to semi auto.

If it works properly (and it might not), Make 'Em Count should only affect:

-AG 4
-AG 5
-N16 (DLC)