Gen Zero Problem

Cmon, Generation Zero your telling me that Fallout 76 runs at a stable 30 fps and is more gigabytes than your game. Generation Zero more bugged than Fallout. By the way i play in the xbox one s so it shouldn’t be no problem to play gen zero cause Fallout 76 is just like your game last gen but has more gigabytes and runs 30 fps stable unlike gen zero where when theres so many robots in one area the game lags like hell and sometimes crashes please fix this issue


They actually fixed a lot of bugs and crashes in the last update. However, sometimes I have to reload the game, which sometimes just pisses me off.

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I am confused on how the amount of gigabytes the game is has importance here.


Fallout is more gigs than gen zero and fallout runs better than gen zero even with download size

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But download size does not affect performance.
That’s why I am confused.

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Don’t understand your point. Where is GZ comparing itself with fallout regarding frame rate bugs and size? Or is this a comparison you are making?

The download size doesn’t what im saying is fallout 76 is close to 100 gigs and runs better than gen zero when its close to 50 gigs

More gigs mean like more graphical like more content like what im trying to say is fallout is more graphically better and runs at a constant 30 fps unlike gen zero which is less graphical and tends to dip below 30 fps at some points and they need to optimize the ui cause it so laggy when trying to find a safe house in the map and the game has major screen tearing

The Apex Engine that GZ runs on is capable of much higher graphic fidelity than the aging (and highly adapted) Gamebryo engine that Fallout 76 runs on. It requires better hardware, which sadly means that some consoles might experience a few hickups.

Secondly, filesize has nothing to do with a game’s performance. That all comes down to optimization to the platform the game runs on. In the case of PC for example it’s much more versatile than consoles so performance can differentiate drastically.

As Zesiir has stated. More game game size ≠ less fps.

If that were tha case Modern Warfare 2019 would run worse than Teardown, which is just not the case.

The only reason larger games tend to run worse then smaller games is because larger games are usually higher budget. Higher budget games usually have better graphics. In general the better it looks the harder it is to run.

This is only a generic trend and many exceptions can be seen.

As for optimization of GZ yeah it can be improved. Consoles especially. Comparing the two games mentioned I would have to look at Fallout 76 again but from what I have seen it does not look all that much better than GZ. If at all

Comparing F76’s performance with GZ can be tricky. Different engines and different proposals.

I looked for videos comparing the versions of the game on xbox/ps4/pc and I didn’t find anything recent, just stuff from the release date and don’t think it’s fair to compare the game’s performance today with that of more than 3 years ago. The most recent is from 2020 and it’s just the pc version.

The truth is, on xbox, the game crashes and slows down in big battles, especially in online matches. The performance has improved a lot, as in the past it was almost impossible to play because of so much bug. Today it is a very cool game, which can be improved a lot, which will guarantee a quality replay.