General bugs on Xbox One


Platform: Xbox One

•Utility boxes no longer spawn loot, i.e., Adrenaline Shots, First Aid Kits, Propane/Compressed air tanks
•Robots will not drop barcodes to unlock bunkers
•Ticks sometimes spawn underneath the ground in buildings
•Object Penetration Visual Module will sometimes work if shut off and turned back on.
•Binoculars no longer show components or weak points on enemies which it had done briefly with the Scout robots.


Thats new after the last Update. Most of that stuff got a massive decreased spawn rate. But 5 of 10 boxes are empty, which is annoying


I’m noticing that too. I can’t find any health packs anymore it seems. It also seems that boxes don’t respawn loot over a long period of time, you can re-open them again but there’s nothing inside.

Other issues I’m noticing is that many missions are bugged, even ones I’ve completed (like “To the Lighthouse”) and the biggest on that’s upsetting me is my XP is not going up (as in the progress bar is NOT moving) I earned thousands of points for winning a fight again a pack of hunters and runners and the bar does not move an inch.

In short I’m seriously considering uninstalling the game.


Its basicly made the game unplayable solo