General Feedback - Disconnects are the worst

Hi there,
after one year of observing this game from a distance due to the bumpy start and the negative reviews I gave it a chance, mostly because I saw active patching and caring from the developers.

I am 80 h in the game, solo and with friends, so yes, I love it.

There is little point of complaining about all the small issues people have reported already hundredfold, especially seeing they are being addressed and devs are listening.

Today the march patch was released and the additions are great. The game is evolving.

That being said, I was disappointed to see no stability issues or disconnects are mentioned in the fixes. Disconnects are the worst issue of this game. They have literally driven some of my friends away already.
For a coop game it is not acceptable to lose connection every hour or completely desync players. This is a stab in the heart. Coop is the most fun way to play GZ until you get disconnected for the third time. But getting disconnected even in single player mode is downright atrocious.

It doesn’t matter who’s game we play, who’s the host or what machine it is running on. The smallest hitch in the connection kicks players out.
We are playing coop games like Vermintide and Deep Rock Galactic, none of which has these issues. Neither are my specs the cause. I am on a 200/400 fiber connection with an I7-7820X and 64gig of ram and even when I’m the host disconnects happen frequently.
My assumption would be that the netcode is the problem. Lack of error handling and compensation.
If GZ is to live up to it’s full potential (which is huge) in the future, fixing this should be highest priority.

GZ is at this point one of the most promising “platforms” to expand on in a genre of which there are few games on the market. The coop/open-world/ exploration/combat combination paired with a beautiful, atmospheric landscape and environment is something many people who are not interested in competitive game play have been looking for. It is a shame GZ’s launch was so rough and I am glad that the studio has not given up on it. This is even more promising.

But all the effort will be meaningless if the playerbase doesn’t grow accordingly, and it won’t if people can not play coop properly.

I can live with despawning bots, floating objects, low droprates and all the numerous audio glitches. What I can not live with, is my friends wandering off in frustration because they get disconnected in the middle of a most exciting battle, missing all the fun. Eventually I will wander off too, when someone of them will find another coop game that doesn’t suffer from all those issues.
So hear my plea: Focus on the coop experience as soon as it is possible with all the task you already have. It makes the difference between selling one copy at a time to a solo player or 4 copies at once to a bunch of friends playing coop :wink:.

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I am experiencing a similar problem. Started playing the game two weeks ago and have been having great fun with friends. Until a week ago when the game started to disconnect every 30 minutes.

It’s my girlfriend who hosts and doesn’t get as many disconnects even though it happened a couple of times. For me, it takes a maximum of 30 minutes before it happens.

**Platform: PC

**Description: I would say it started 20-30 hours into the game maybe. I have read that you should not bring your runner and have put him in the coffin. Still experiencing the same problem. We are done with the southern part of the map.

**Steps To Reproduce: Its feels like it happens randomly to be honest.

**Images / Videos: no im sorry

**Host or Client: Im not hosting. We are two players.

**Players in your game: 2

Intel(R) Core™ i5-10600KF CPU @ 4.10GHz 4.10 GHz
RAM 32,0 GB
Geforce RTX 3070

I love the game but if we cant play we cant play.