General Feedback

Pro’s– The things that really made the game feel good.

Was great – it feels like “Stranger Things” with robots, how is that not cool!

Weather Effects
Spectacular sensations wonderful sunsets, and rain that made me want to go find a house.

Directional Sound
I found the sound very well placed, I was always able to tell where something was something a lot of games get wrong in my opinion.

Skills/XP System
Love the skills and XP. Feels rewarding and the perks seem useful, doesn’t feel like it’s a chore to level up.

Con’s - The things that ruined the experience.

Inventory stacking \ management
Wow, never have I wanted more inventory space as badly as in this game. All the bullets and no guns. I can’t seem to restack things by dragging them over each other, somehow feels awkward.

Was very monotonous, bots didn’t seem very adaptive or dynamic. In some cases just too many of them. Fewer - but more cunning robots maybe?

No voice overs.
Can’t help but feel voice overs for the story would be a great addition and would break up some of the repetitiveness.

Interiors of buildings all very similar.
Do I need to explain this one J. More variation needed.

Fixes Needed – Things that are broken

Doors Glitching
Although getting stuck inside of, or batted 10m away from a rapidly oscillating door is very funny, it gets old quickly – very quickly.

Object Interaction
In a word – bad. It’s awkward to open doors and pickup objects close together. Also you shouldn’t be able to interact through walls.

Map Updates
Places I have visited repeatedly, that show-up on the map are not there after I resume play at a later time, but my progress has saved.

Story Progression
Not everyone is going to follow the story in the correct order. The progress needs to be much more adaptive and take in to account people finding places before intended. This should not break progress.

Would like to See developed…

More skills
Better AI

But with all that said, wow love it keep it coming.


I like these ideas. I’m super hyped for when I’ll be able to play. Wish there was a Playstation beta, but I’ve been enjoying streams and YouTube vids

Great list! I’m just gonna add on top of that:

Inventory stacking \ management UI
This needs to be changed imo because:
The different bullet types should be a tactical component of the game (well at least that is what the trailer is suggesting) but detecting which bullet type you are dealing with in you inventory is stupidly uncomfortable. Also you can’t see at a glance what ammonition type your weapon is equipt with. Maybe let the ammontition automatically be sorted in a new designed inventory menu. Same problems with scopes and other attachment. You don’t know if you can use it until you try every weapon or guess from the (only sometimes) available description. Also as a PC player this needs to be more common to standard UI usage on PC. Drag and drop ammunition and other things on and off weapons should be possible. Also drag and drop for looting stuff should at least on PC be implemented + there should be an option to drag and drop it to the ground instead of using the dropdown menu.

I also think the enemys should be fewer but more dangerous and especially smarter. Gunplay is okay but I think it would be best to implement some kind of feedback when hitting the enemy. Mostly (with the rifle) I couldn’t even tell if I hit an opponent or not. Feedback (sound or stumbling animation from the enemy) would be more clearer, snappier and more satisfying tbh.

Interiors of buildings all very similar. (also mission design)
This paired with the partly dull missions is a huge problem. You don’t want to search in generic houses for this one paper that is important for the mission. tbh I’m not quite sure what the full game will be like. Will there be a gameplay loop so you can keep playing the game over and over again or is this supposed to be like a coop campaign? The beta felt more like the latter. In that case it would be more fitting to keep the mission description simple but let the player figure it out themselves. For example: You can’t find this one generic house with a document on your own. You need a marker for that and just chasing markers isn’t fun at all.
So try to keep missions simple and place enough hints in the game world (and maybe lead the player with the right level-design) and the player will get even more invested in the world.
Related statement from OP that I totally agree on:
Story Progression
Not everyone is going to follow the story in the correct order. The progress needs to be much more adaptive and take in to account people finding places before intended. This should not break progress.”
The game should encourage the player to go and discover the world. If he stumbles upon something that “spoils” the story the game should acknowledge that and adapt.

Object Interaction
I don’t like the “hold e” part. Just let me press e to pick something up.

I also totally agree with OP on the positive points.
The atmosphere is the strongest part of the game and you should try to spark the curiosity of the player even more. This won’t be possible if the missions become more tedious than anything else. Also progress and rewards are pretty important and right now I’m not exactly sure how you will pull that off tbh.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on this game.
Good luck!