General Ideas thread (Living Post)

A friend of mine and I were sitting here playing the game hunting some rivals and reapers when we came up with some ideas for changes or modifications to some of the abilities, weapons, clothes, trees these include but are not limited to;

  • Bipod Since there is nothing we can put on the of the .50 Caliber rifle, and a secondary attachment for Sniper, Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifle and Light Machine gun.

  • Sneaking Ability/Tree “The Hunter” This would be a tree based completely around sneaking around and concealment.

  • Armor Plating A Craftable item that can be attached to any sort of clothing increasing it’s resistance or giving an outright Armor value or increase the percentage of resistances on the current clothing by 5% or more.

To see the full breakdown please follow this Link. It takes you to a google doc file that I have taken the time to fully write out changes percentages etc. If you have any questions or comments about anything I have outlined please don’t hesitate to ask!

Good ideas, let’s talk about them in detail.

Nice suggestion, but I think it wouldn’t be easy to add this as described (in your google doc). The attachment itself should be possible, although I think there should be a new slot (under barrel). This slot could be used for flashlights, laserpointers, grenadelaunchers, a grip or bipods.

I just don’t know which of these would fit to the late 80s, what already excisted or what has been possible…

The system for using the bipod is what could be difficult as this would be a totally new game element. I like this element in shooters like cod: modern warfare. Take cover, place your weapon and take some benefits (more accuracy, stability,…). As said before: don’t know if it’s possible in GZ for technical reasons.

Another point:
The suggested benefits are already granted through completing the sniper-skill-tree, so it should be balanced very good. It mustn’t be possible to use a sniper-rifle as good as it is possible with the completed skill tree just because of some attachments. That wouldn’t make sense, you know?

Keep on thinking! Well thought ideas are the best :+1:

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But this can already be done with skills or clothing mods.


  1. What exactly do you mean with “mods”?
  2. Have you read the google doc of @Norezion in addition to his post?
  1. Clothing modifications, upgrades, or whatever you call it. Things that do exactly what @Norezion mentioned.
  2. No.

Ah ok, you mean the scematics for crafting?

I initially thought you mean something like 3rd-party mods for pc-version of the game. :sweat_smile:


  • Game Changes: Melee system & New Game Plus System
  • Weapon: Melee weapon: Hunter’s Blade
  • Ability: IR Shielding, Hacking,

Updates have been made to the Google Spreadsheet, please see the Document here


did you miss that there already is a melee-system? There are

  • Bränbal-Bat
  • Sledgehammer

The blade instead is an idea I personally like and already suggested, too.

The abilities for “stealth” are already there. Hacking seekers as suggested by you would be cool.

And the new game plus could be a good addition. There should be a special reward for starting this mode. On the other hand with a new “hardcore” mode there should be no hud at all (maybe just a compass without any markers on it, just for knowing the direction you go to) but a better visible or “feelable” indicator for your health.

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We didn’t forget about the Melee system, but it was more of ideas we were just throwing into the file haha

Just in case anyone’s wondering. The link is safe, it does indeed lead to a google document that the OP is updating over time. It’s not a bad idea, actually. Devs might want to see this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Honestly this just started the other night when my buddy and I were hunting some reapers and rivals, We were just throwing some ideas back and forth and decided to make a post lol. Also if the Devs would like to chat with us for ideas and stuff like that my buddy and I would be happy to sit down and do some brainstorming :slight_smile:

January 9, 2022;

  • Added amendment “Survival System” to New Game Plus Game System.
  • Added New Weapon; Bow type
  • Red Dot Changes