General request

Here are a list of generale request that could improve the game!


Decrease character walkspeed and sprint speed
I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but i think the character is a bit too fast, even without the perks!

I have at numerous time leaved easily a fight just by running away from the Runners. I think if the player speed will be decreased, it will give more challenge to the players and bring them to think before just shooting everything they see


Settings in game, option to disable UI

That would be great to have an option that disable completly the UI, thus will give a better immersion in the universe of Generation Zero!


Airbase, readjust fences

The fences on the airbase are pretty messed, leading the player to easily go into the base (some of them also just float)



Could it be possible for the user to use the bycicle around the map? That could greatly improve the gameplay and provide a faster way for the player to travel without fast traveling or sprinting

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This is actually valuable and well thought.through feedback. I think a lot of these will be able to be introduced into the game at some point!

I disagree ,leave the Speed for Players Who want to run from a Fight ,and those who want More of a challenge dont run away simple, Stopp thinking of yourself

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Some good ideas, but first one about the speed. Just dont run or walk or crawl if you dont want to get away from the machines. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think changing the character running speed wont ever happen because devs have already said: “sometimes it is wise just to run away from a fight”.