Generation game glitches

This game has way to many bugs to be a finished product first off. The enemy dont spawn in when i hear them or ill kill one and the shooting animtion will still continue, when i change weapons it bring me to the map/Inventory screen, the bullets i fire linger in the air, the walking to run cycle seems broken or when i do run its really slowed down, the crooshairs on the guns and maps move by themselves if you sit idle to long, alot of the enemy’s or loot items have been empty,the reload sounds stop working to much, and there many more. I like this game but the amount of things wrong with it make it so hard to play im not happy you really meed to fix this. I hate playing for 30-45 minutes then having to close application to get rid of a glitch or cause im stuck in a wall

Use the report a bug form that you can find under bug reports. That way it’s easier for the devs to check it up. They need to no specs of the Pc or consol you are using.

Heyo, welcome to the forums. Like Terrorobot mentioned, please use this template when reporting bugs and issues so the devs can see it sooner.