Generation Zero (2021) Oversaturated Mediocrity

It took me more than 6months but I’m finally done with the follow-up to my Generation Zero 2020 content review. Since the ladder was a review this is about doing my very best to provide constructive criticism and encompass all my feedback.

That I could include in a reasonable time without making the video longer than Lord of the Rings trilogy. Considering the length, timestamps will be a pinned comment and in the description. The quality of editing is a slight step up from the content review and resistance review, but not much aside from the visuals.

It would take me ages to make it really good but my passion for the game is so low, that doing what could be done was enough for me. Could it be shorter and “concise” yeah, but I really don’t care anymore.


I’ll give it a watch tomorrow.

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For the people not wanting to watch an hour long video;

The video is mostly suggestions about what @JoJo_the_memedealer wants to see in the game.
It’s split up into timestamps which makes it easier to skip forward. There’s some criticisms regarding the direction of storytelling and gameplay which I think is a valid concern.

I think it’s decent feedback. If there’s one thing I’d adjust is the title. It’s overwhelmingly negative and it doesn’t reflect the video’s content very well. It also borderline violates the community guidelines so… Please change it to something more constructive.


Good luck with your new game.

Sorry GZ didn’t work out.


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What did you think of the video itself?

How does the title borderline violate the community guidelines? Is it harsh? yes, but it’s not like I’m writing “don’t buy gz, game bad reeee”. If anything I’m just being honest about what I think of it’s current sate.

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Very detailed. I think that most of the critique is fair and the GZ that you suggest, JoJo, is very interesting. Would be a fun game to play! Many of those things are of course very hard to change and make possible, but there was some great feedback on issues that are in facto changeable and we appreciate that you shared that! Overall worth watching. Shared with the team!

I will, of course, send you a t-shirt if you hmu with your details! Still welcome on stream, too!


I’m glad the video is appriciated. It’s understandable that not everything suggested could be done, it’s not something that I expect. It’s more about getting it out there and then like I said at the start, it’s the devs who have to decide what’s realistic or not.

I’ll decline the guest spot for now, interest for the game is low that It would kill the vibe. Wouldn’t be a good stream. But I will take the offer on the shirt, but I’d like to pay for it.


I agree on every single subject of this video. It’s a 6 month work put togheter into a 70 minute long video. In my opinion you couldn’t really have made it any more concise. Perhaps cut down on the ranting bit. But like I stated in the comment section of the youtube video itself, this is certainly a must-watch for anyone engaged in the Generation Zero community. Generation Zero is beautiful, but even more flawed and I think everyone knows this deep down. While these ideas actually being implemented into the game is a bit farfetched from a game developer’s standpoint, it’s at least worth talking about. And it should definitely under no circumstances be considered as hate towards the game, this is a fair video that gives proper critique towards the game. Because if it’s one thing that I hate, it’s being called a hater for just giving feedback to someone/something and it not being what they expected.


It’s coming across as quite negative which isn’t encouraged. But if @Avalanche_Pontus is okay with it, no problemo.

I can understand that, but what else should it have been called? If the title was just" Generation Zero criticism and feedback" then it would be boring. The title has to give a short explanation of the topic and I think Oversaturated Mediocrity does that well enough. Cant have all sunshine and rainbows.

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Yeah, I get that. No problem :+1:

I’m new to this forum so I won’t butt in on anything, just wanted to say good video JoJo, I agree on several points you make, specifically the ‘tell not show’ of the storyline. And you’re right, having tracked mission icons leading you right to the exact object you need to pick up for the mission is a little anticlimatic.

Having said that, I don’t know what it is but I absolutely love GZ for all its flaws and quirks. I got it about a year after release, reading all the reviews I could tell that it was in need of updates, but I also expected that the game was being looked after by a relatively small team with limited resources. So I didn’t expect the earth, and I was very happy with my experience. It kept me going through lockdown, and the Resistance update has really got me back into the game again. Just killed my first Reaper too.

So I completely agree with the fact that there are many areas that could be improved, I just think the devs have done an awesome job considering their constraints.

I don’t know, I think it’s the atmosphere, like when it’s foggy and quiet, and the sun comes through the trees in rays - just gorgeous.

Anyway, enough of my two cents.


I like the fact you mentioned loot and were you should find it.

I loot so much its my favorite thing to do, next to fighting death robots but the loot that machines drop dont make much sense and should be more specific. Also its kinda strange finding boxes of ammo in the bathroom. Maybe harvester’s could be a form of treasure box making them worth the trouble.

Also as for the mystery the game gives at the beginning… Thats what hooked me, that and desire to explore. Which im glad you in your own way criticized for improvement because the compass guides you mindlessly in the direction you need to go keeps you from wanting to explore and stamps out a form of discovery.

Any way thanks for the video.
I really enjoyed it!

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I watched the whole kaboodle yesterday, and I’m inclined to agree on most of the criticism and suggestions. I’m glad @Avalanche_Pontus chimed in - that’s the kind of feedback I’d love to see more of. I’m not sure where the game and its story are headed, but I feel a certain uneasiness in most of the comments I read about GZ as of late. I know the game was off to a rocky start, and that every milestone had its fans and detractors, but I don’t even feel that any more…

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I’m glad that you liked it!
And yes I agree about the atmosphere, in parts where stuff isn’t totally destroyed and in Himfjäll (the alpine unrest map) is still very good. That’s why I constantly praise Alpine Unrest cause it gave the devs a chance to not make a map that needed to be revamped later. I think the main problem is the recent story and gameplay changes that at least for me, doesn’t fit well with what the map is trying to be.

It’s as if they are trying to please both sides, the people who like the dark grounded tone and those who want a pure fps action game. Thats perhaps why there’s this divide of what people want the game to be. A little why I think the game should have been labeled as early access to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with trying to please everyone, but with the fix it later mentality, I don’t think it’s working out. If anything a roadmap and a clear word of what direction the game is wanna take, is something I’d like to see.

You like the game for what it is, and I wont take that away from you. So I hope you continue to find something you like in it.

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I really apprieacte that you liked the video!
Perhaps in the future they will try to make loot items in ways that would feel more diverse. It’s nothing gamebreaking for me, but I believe it’s a small detail that can do a lot.

And yes, I hope they expand more on settings for the hud so that you can disable compass. There’s mods that already let you disable the hud, so it doesn’t seem to be that hard for them to make in the game.

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Thanks alot, it’s quality is owed by you and Brödkanten who gave feedback on its creation!

This is the kind of feedback I like, could I have shortened my ranting? Yea but it’s my final rant so I believe it’s justified. Jokes aside, it doesn’t bother me if people don’t like the video. I can’t force them but as long as it sparks conversation then I’m happy with it. Though a quick dislike when video has barely been out for it’s run time and off topic comments are kinda not very epic. But oh well, what can you do about it.

Very good video, I agree with most things, especially on how missions are implemented.

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Thank you! I appreciate it.