Generation Zero / Behind The Vanguard - Birthday Special

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A massive thanks to all the community here that have got me to Vision. Though it was me that did stitch it all together - it would not have happened without the dedication of the community here. This one’s for you guys.

Though somewhat bitter sweet as the next chapter will be Resistance based gameplay - I am in the hands of the dev team. There will be a FMTEL July, but Vision should keep you all entertained enough until then.

I’m going to be purging my map for clothing schematics so live gameplay will still be rolling on the channel Twitch, trying to also get the map as close to 100% as possible so may need some help in chat for those that follow the journey.

Also worth mentioning, is that there is talk of the weekly livestream coming via Xbox & PS in the not too distant future so may be needed to get @Avalanche_gipskatt off his training wheels.


On a long enough timeline, anything is possible!




Ow that looks good… :partying_face: :coffee:


Ohhh, that looks so good :yum: :yum: :coffee:

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I felt rather sick after 3

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I believe i would only stand one :smile: because of the big amount of creme

I’ve some in the Reddit say that the Almond Paste <> Cream ratio is off - any official comment?

Mate, they look great. Those look like homemade Semlor more than bakery ones, which is even better. I mean, premade ones are good, but when you really nail them baked at home, good god :drooling_face:

Thanks Zesiir, I’m going to have them made at my wedding as well - which should compliment the croquembouche we’re having as the “main cake”.

*I felt a video of me eating them may be a bit too much of GZ “content” :sweat_smile:


Should i even visit sweden, the first thing i will do is eating a semla . I hope i get a good one. :yum: :smile: :coffee:

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