Generation Zero Bug 2

Hello to everyone! I bought the FNIX Rising Expansion DLC. I completed every single challenge, but Road Trip and Tug of The War challenges doesn’t work. I hope the Development Team will fix this.

Please read this post about making a bug report.

In your case, including screenshots that document that you have completed all main and side missions of FNIX Rising, while at the same time Road Trip and Tug of War is incomplete will be essential in your bug report.

Thanks! I will post some photos.

Did you play some of these missions after you deleted your 4th character, and your challenges got reset?

Maybe it’s connected - if you had already played some of the missions, but it got reset, then I guess you’ll not get the full challenges from the missions. Can this be the case? :thinking:

I played FNIX Rising before all my challenges resets, prestige points, collectables.

So wouldn’t this explain why you don’t get the mission challenges? If you completed the missions, and then the challenges got reset (acknowledged bug 1 you reported)?