Generation Zero "Cataclysm Theme" Guitar Cover

Hey folks to kick off year three i thought i’d give gz a good old happy birthday by covering the theme song, enjoy!

Here’s the tabs plus standard notation, of course this was all figured by ear so may not be 100% but its damn near close! :smiley:

Much love to the entire team, community, and everyone in between!
Cheers folks and happy anniversary :slight_smile:


Awesome! Good job. :sunglasses:

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If only I still played violin (sadly had to quit because the time didn’t work with the school and my instructor) I could have tried to play it om that.

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Cheers @NJR87! :smiley: And @C_N66 man the gz theme would be so epic as some sort of orchestral version!

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I like this do more of this

Speaking of instruments; I wonder if it would be possible to play it on nyckelharpa (key harp).

How nyckelharpa sounds:

Awesome cover bro! It’s funny I found a cave with like a birthday party going on, there’s a radio with the theme playing and you can’t pick the radio up! But on the bench is all the instruments playing on the radio!