Generation Zero cbt NDA?

What, if any, is the Non-Disclosure Agreement with Generation Zero and Avalanche please?

Can Xbox One players share clips and screen captures with other Xbox One players?

There is no NDA for the beta. Feel free to share. :sunglasses:

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So even regular people like me that don’t usually stream can stream this?

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Yes, it’s open to everyone. There is no NDA at all on it which means you can stream it and record it.


No NDA is a genius play team, everyone will recorded and share the bejeebers out of the game (myself included) this will build the Hype and increase sales for sure whilst also putting the servers under stress and provide the valuable feedback you are looking for.

Good Move, more developers should adopt this process.

It also demonstrates the confidence you have in the product.

I’m still downloading but can’t wait to get started.

Thanks for the beta key.

I am not sure if caps and clips on Xbox are shareable.

I took a screen cap at about 9:15am EST. It shows in my Xbox Download in Recent Captures. But it fails uploading to Xlive.

I took a clip earlier. It does the same thing.

I put the clip into Upload Studio then finalized the clip to upload to Xlive. The upload process yields an alert.

The video is not allowed to be uploaded to Xlive.

Ahh I use OBS and then share to YouTube. Loads of people are doing that. Perhaps the Xbox thing is a Microsoft restriction.

Absolutely love it, have no idea what I’m doing just traveling around trying to survive lol.