Generation Zero-Community Questions

Hello to everyone! This topic is for @Avalanche_Pontus from the Development Team. Please answer the following questions about the game to make it better. The Developers will read your answers and maybe someday your feature requests will be in the game.

  1. Do you like the new mission revamps? Would you like to see more?
  2. Do you like the new Control Points? Would you like to have new Control Points?
  3. Do you think adding food and water in GZ wil make it better?
  4. Would you like to see a Vehicle Pack(adding motocycles)?
  5. Do you want more DLCs, like new missions, equipment or weapons?
  6. What do you want to see in the next updates?
  7. Did you find any big issues that need to be fixed?
  8. Any feature requests?

Hope the Development Team will read this topic.

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Hi, I understand you only want this for the devs to read but all of your questions have been discussed across this forum. Each question has its own thread with that topic too.
Not trying to be rude but a little research and you will find your answers.