Generation Zero Community-wide Survey

A new survey has been launched: Online Survey Software: Closed Survey

If I’m not wrong there were 43 questions.
Take time.

Sadly I wasn’t able to make screenshots of each page, but I bet @tene (tenebris) will make a video on youtube about this survey and every single question.

Here it is:


I’m hoping the survery overwhelmingly says people want more story content and it’s taken seriously. I’ll gladly pay for any expansion (or even sequel) that moves the story forwards. The base story was great, but seems so unfinished. Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising took that to the next level. I was excited and really thought this was the way forward for GZ - new interesting storylines with NPC interactions.

Unfortunately, since FNIX Rising, we haven’t gotten anything of substance in terms of expanding the story. Sure, the cosmetic DLCs are fun for some. The bikes, and new enemies were cool, but there’s been very little substantial work done on the story, which for me is the best and most unique part of GZ.


Answered, but the ship has sailed on what I’d like to see in the game. Maybe my vote for more story will help some people going forward.


I’m looking at thumbnail of the video :anchor: I don’t see any ships

Done - not sure what they’ll take from it, but I’ve taken every single one and I hope for the best…

Still waiting on the game to update, so haven’t been able to play with the new features in the survey yet. I’ll have to wait to complete it until then. Thanks for the heads up, Mad, great job as always, my friend!

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Thank you for sharing my videos on here @Madchaser! Really appreciate it my dude :pray:


Filled it out i hope my responses help the games future, i love it. I hope more story, more npcs and more single player focus for the future. Casual game play is my fun… Remember not all of us enjoy hardcore robot survival solo. please don’t make Adventure harder, its already pretty hard for myself solo.

Please update the loot drops, and fix the magnum 44 and reaper loot, personally i have nothing against DLCs if they are worth it and they stop filling up my stash.

Thanks for listening either way.