Generation Zero discord survey feedback and questions


I just did the survey about what we want for the future of the game on the official generation zero discord ( , check it out!) and I must say that some of the answers one can choose there are a bit random (I mean: Dinosaurs. really?), but I like it. But now I wonder, If the results of it are going to be published. Would be interesting, huh? Maybe sombody of the team can give me an answer.
Ps.: You are great guys!


Some of those questions seemed really like they were directly pointed at turning Gen Zero into 7 Days to Die or Ark. That would get a hard no from me.


Leave it lol its unique as it is.


I’ll have to second this. Why turn a game with a totally unique premise and story into something common of a different genre.

While I agree that constantly looking for just ammo gets old, I would rather new items that have a practical use in game rather than food and water.


Agree i will , no food no water , more weapons , the cyborgs are comming or maybe dead villagers Gonna need the ammo space for me exo suit and space for me bog roll and them sewing kit things for when the dinosaur bites me gizzard off ermm yeah i ohwell hello world and crunchymr


Agreed man! itd be a shame to see this game simply turn into a clone other games that arn’t even solid games to imitate/copy. Ark is a burnt out attempt at a mmo, and 7 days just doesn’t need to be copied imo.
I would have liked a question included in the survey about the story, i feel like the feed back would have been unanimous for it to be continued and expanded on, but hopefully that’s why they left it out and just intend to flush it all out for us as a “already planned” thing.