Generation zero drinking game


I wonder if the developers play some kind of a drinking game
not sure what the exact rules would be but they take a drink or two whenever someone asks for storage, hunger system, NPCs, melee, cars, etc. Maybe even when the same bugs get reported over and over or a mod locks a thread.
I wonder how much they drink whenever someone asks about Fashionista.


That would be a very dangerous drinking game :wink:


Our Regulars here have started directing new people to existing collection threads, which is great. It really helps from bloating the forum with repetitive topics. And with what topics there are of bug reports, it’s getting much easier to look for issues with the search function.

Though if you want to play a drinking game counting individual posts of the same things in said collection threads, I think you’d get pissed pretty quickly :smile:


Hey is el fashionista fixed? :joy:


Oh god. I would be long dead by now.


@Carniv0re long time no see! hope you’ve been well my dude :smiley:


A drinking game! Count me in if tea is allowed :laughing:


So so, military is keeping me from fulfilling my duties here. :slight_smile:


I don’t think so because I still don’t have a trophy :frowning:


Explains why I’m flying mostly solo… But it’s all good fun so I don’t mind.


Also need to add. Take a drink whenever someone thinks they are the first to discover the Back to the Future Easter egg