Generation Zero FAIL


Generation Zero it all go boom fail

So a friend and I were playing a little while back and this happened, thought it’d be funny to share with the community :smiley:


Oh dear. :smiley: When I saw you taking cover next to those gas cans I pretty much guessed what the dramatic ending was going to be! haha


Hahaha! Nice one! :blush:



Yeah neither myself or my friend even realized they were there, we were both confused on what happened, I had to go back and re-watch the clip just to realize they were there lol


Everybody should know; gas canisters, fuel containers and cars were very explosive in the 1980’s :boom:


nice vid , made me laugh , ty


Oh we knew, problem was that NEITHER of us noticed until watching back the clip later that those canisters were right by the door, I think BOTH of us were awake really late, tired, and pretty much stopped playing within 30 minutes of that happening lol.

Can’t… function… making dumb mistakes… must sleeeeeeeeeeep…