Generation Zero Fall/Winter 2020 Player Survey


Hello everyone,

It’s that time again! Starting now our Fall/Winter 2020 Player survey is live! We’d very much appreciate your replies and feedback to help us make Generation Zero as good as possible. You’ll find the link to the survey here. It will be running until the 11th of December so if you don’t do it right away you’ve got some time :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone!


Add free movement and pause to photo mode

I’m doing it right now!


Dude there were so many good options! I will support the game wherever it goes but I see some ideas that were here have been added. Enjoy all who enter the survey



Done, really good ide from the team :+1:
A loot of good questions


Looooots of good questions XD


Good questions indeed, but the one about New Machine types was very difficult to choose…specially if you wanted All of them in the game!


This was definitely the best one personally I chose an air machine as we currently look at the ground to find targets having something above our heads would be very tricky to deal with whilst being attacked by say a tank on the ground as well ( I also think it should be between hunter and harvester size)


I just finished it! My opinion was basically just to add survival mode, if you have one take away from my answers. Lol


Done. Hope there’s enough feedback to filter out the stragglers…


Done and hope you get more feedback.
I would like to see the caliber 50 Smith & Wesson Revolver. The Pontus Weapon :grin:


Finished…Just did the Survey. :sunglasses:


Air is what I picked too, adds another element more than any other type


Me too! Some great questions!


Can’t participate. Survey crashes.


Just thought, Could we maybe see the results of the survey once all the data has been passed on? I would really like to see what other people chose.


I guess many will. However, we didn’t get to see the results of previous survey and i’m pretty sure we don’t get to see the results of the last survey either.


Yeah your probably right… But might as well ask here if anywhere