Generation Zero Feedback and requests

I will begin with saying i am not good at english and i am not a gamer or anyone who is playing alot but this game has been one of my favorites. I have followed this game since launch, i have played it since. I remeber the feeling when i first played it, it was awesome. And now i think the game is going both the right and wrong way, but you know this is what i think, the devs are the ones who are choosing what to do so yeah. But here are some requests that the devs maybe think of.

  1. Updating the map
    Adding more buildings
    Updating the landscape

One thing i thing should if possible should change is bunker, Swedish bunkers in the 80s usally never had a large opening, it was more like small green doors into the mountain. Or even (as seen in a Swedish documentary about the cold war) there was even a large bunker that had its entrance under a normal house, the doors where in the garage. And if possible the bunkers should have less space, not all of them but most and not this big open rooms.

Military bases
Please ad some other buildings than those green checkpoint things, norrmyra is filled with them and look up how army bases in the 80s where at the time in Sweden. And in the Naval base ad some warship or patrol boat.

And maybe ad some more civilian structures like librarys, public pools, more stores to capture the Swedish feel. In homes ad some things to make the house look more like someone lived there, and not just like the same people lived everywhere on östertörn. Maybe some old houses in östertörn to show the older side of the city.

And in östervik why not have a Homeguard place (outpost, base?) that the homeguard operated from during the catacalysm, or what it is called.

No more weapons

Yes please no more weapons, we already have enough, the game isnt about the weapons.

And i am sorry if i come as angry or negative, i love the game it is really good but i think there are some things that can be improved.