Generation Zero Flares Spaws Locations


Blimey, that’s some commitment.

If you fancied another project, there seems to be a shortage on adrenaline hotspots since Resistance.

i take a look on it…

There aren’t any respawnable hotspots for Adrenaline anymore after the 2021 May-Update. Only the one time pick-ups. :crazy_face:

I found 3 places so far and i now alot more.

Will be updating Flares letar on and make a new one for Adrenalin hotspot.

Can you tell me one respawnable hotspot coords for adrenaline that you have picked up, and it respawned back after restarting the game?

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-1771.483, 3794.935…On the roof
Restart the game do not work, need to wait more.

We could open this up to the community - start a pull of all of them?

With the last resistance update in Forest region, I picked up 2 stims, that were on a flat roof at a bed in Gamla Stan. I picked them up months ago, but they have never returned. The Devs told us that persistent stims that were laying openly in the game world have become one-time-pickups with the resistance update.

But maybe they have different rules for some of them. So how long do you say/think before that stim on Måsskär will respawn?

that sounds good…

you right it will not pop up, damit

Yeah, I thought so. Still it great to see a list of all stim locations for new players or players who started the game anew to reference. I have many locations on my MAP 3. But I’m sure I haven’t listed them all. So if you find more just show them. :sunglasses:

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okey, here is what i found so far:
-1771.483, 3794.935
-646.485, 3399.498
702.184, 2215.254
318.748, -1321.124
1256.670, -140.714

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Have a theory about another project that I will try about ardenaline.

I am all ears… :ear: :ear:

Yeah let us know bud, me and Bert love a project :sweat_smile:

Tried to loot a dead man on the ground several times who has adrenaline, but even that did not work. After two days of waiting, his loot has not returned.
So I do not know how to get them easily. This is the case if you play online and someone can give away their adrenaline if he has many.

Gave away 50 adrenaline a few days ago.

Has run a new theory on adrenaline.
And what it has noticed is that if you only wear one adrenaline, it’s like the game notice that you need more and to 90% you get new ones when you loot dead bodies and check large boxes.
You can have as many as you like in your box, I have 100 but when I do this trick I get new ones all the time.
So it can be a trick to trick the game to get more adrenaline, it works for me.
Even the reaper can give you up to 4 adrenaline but it is a small chance to get it and then it is important that you do not die.

Have a Nice Game :slight_smile:

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