Generation Zero - Full story exploration [Uploaded]

This video goes from Spoiler friendly start for new people to Heavy spoilers and theory.

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Give me any feedback and theories. Let’s start a discussion


ah hell yea looking forward to watching this man, i’ll be in yo comments section :smiley: Stoked you decided to make this one!!


+1 Watched the first minute, love the style. :+1: Gonna finish it later!
Edit: Watched - awesome video, thanks for posting! :sunglasses:


I wonder if anything in-depth has been discussed about this game. I really wish to see fully fleshed ideas and concepts backed on known facts about the story and catch up with the game’s story. There are some secrets and some visual information that by only being a location, or two, can seriously impact the impression of how the story went down. I want to discuss and bring together any knowledge that hasn’t been provided previously.

I’ll use the chance to plug myself again, as I attempted this in an entertainment video format. The problem with my writing is that I may not go as in-depth as necessary.

Anyway, the video discusses the ideas between the story being about the known fact about Ulmer, but the one strange point about there being ‘written’ orders sent, when communication over air would be blocked, makes it a strange case of abduction. There are two points here to what happened with survivors and how FNIX works -

  1. The survivors actually extract from the island or die. No actual abduction happens, but some manage to evacuate and some die. It’s a simple point, but it makes it harder to understand how FNIX machine functions. Whether if it’s all just Ulmor’s mind or an actual network of people hooked to wires. If they were abducted by Ulmer to hook to these wires, it would not be so easy. With some logs from Ulmer and after the reveal of DLC island, Cytokine is mentioned a lot more. My understanding is that these release through nerves as a response to viruses and body intrusions. Which, when having nerves be hooked to wires, releases a cytokine storm and dies with no possible way of preventing it fully. This made human integration from the beginning impossible, but eventually Ulmer took a risk because of his dying body. This turned out to work and the idea was that his immune system would not even have the ability to release Cytokine or a cytokine storm to kill him because of his condition.

This brings a point - People with conditions that suppress their immune system would be eligible for the linking of brain and FNIX. This would make it possible to make a program for people to sign up to, that eventually took advantage of people with the conditions. I never found information about this, I just noticed someone at some point saying this and I could never get it out of my head.

  1. Actual non-threat civilians are able to be captured and used in a sense. They either are expendable and the cytokine storm is only preventable or the Gas commissioned by the army has a compound that suppresses the immune system, not just inducing deep sleep. There were some missions describing the gas, but I didn’t manage to find information about the what there is used. All I could remember is it needing a little whiff to shut down a person for days. This could be the same reaction for the immune system, so this point is in a fog, but not far from possibility.

Either there is some compound to the non-lethal Gas that was commissioned, suppressing their immune system entirely, since there were methods of that attempted before. This makes them abductable and expendable for FNIX use. It could as well just be these people with conditions inside the room, thinking they’re experiencing treatment, but essentially being connected to a network and making a small bunch of them just re-enter machines as soon as one dies. This also explains rivals spawning with your progress. They see you kill them so many times… They can learn from your style.

This is just a small speck on the whole story to impact it, but it’s still an important point. What would be other’s take on this? Been trying to spike conversation and am only partially succeeding…

At this point there are secrets out there, where nothing was before and this is a very interesting step from Avalanche. It gives replayability with hoping to run across a strange new area on the map from your daily routine. It sure keeps me engaged.

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