Generation Zero geography


Hi, I have a question to Swedish players: is the GZ map based on a real fragment of the Swedish country, with real islands, villages etc, or not? I was trying to find Ostervik in Wikipedia but failed.


does this answer your questionÖstervik,+Sweden/@60.0315965,14.1341397,14.09z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x465d3b05365e7527:0x1c710be06738ebf8!8m2!3d60.0345917!4d14.1506932


Oh thanks. The real Östervik! Even found photos of the village. However the arrounding mainland and islands shape looks quite different than in the game. I understand, it is a kind of free transposition of a real country into the game geography, like a in novel.


yea i guess they would have had to change it a bit to make it good for gameplay


I bet there is more than one real town in Sweden called Östervik. Many places in GZ has common swedish names, and are probably not based on any real place, at least not more than inspirational.
I seem to remember hearing or reading that Östertörn was supposed to be located among the islands along the swedish east coast, in the Baltic Sea. Just look at the map around Stockholm, it’s that kind of landscape. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep, I live on the countryside north of Stockholm and Östervik lies just 2 klicks from here. Although this Östervik is significantly smaller with just a few houses and no “downtown” whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue:


I searched up salthamn and found it on google maps


I’ve been to Salthalm, and its scary how the overall map is correct.


that is really cool of the devs to actually make it like the place