Generation Zero have great potential and you love it same as you hate it!


Currently it is a walking simulator, which does not suit me. A lot of repetitive and little differentiated things. Generally, you do not see the point to play because the world is too empty. Houses are the same and empty as well, where sometimes there we find some improvement for weapon etc, but time is usually wasted. We do not know if we were already in a each house, for example, we need some sign that we visited and penetrated this place.

The rewards for exploration are mainly a mission consisting of the same: search for a clipboard, a weapon, an object, kill robots and thats it (maybe later there is something more in the game to do, but I did not play, because It would burn the processor).

Big potential in this game, however, is / was? Beautiful views/graphics, interesting mechanics, very good shoting, battles with robots are nice + and looking for weak points in them, etc. As much as I played it, however, doing the same in twin similar locations / houses is boring. Collect, fight, collect, explore. Like survival, but something is missing to be better game. More diversity, differently looking buildings or bunkers. Other types of missions would also be useful.

It all depends on developers. Maybe they will add new content with missions and story and fill this empty world to be more fun.

Maybe multiplayer is better but i’m playing singleplayer which is little bit harder as i like. I think we need more traps system for bigger robots.

In general, I would like to change my opinion to a positive one, if only game did not overheat my processor and some smaller problems (like with equipment, not adding ammo same type clips to other and we don’t know which ammo we need for each weapon - no info for this). We also do not know what weapons we pick up until we take it to the equipment. It cost time. often we must first throw out of 3-4 items, pick up a weapon, check its name, often take out ammunition from it and pick up the recently thrown objects.