Generation Zero In Minecraft


Generation Zero Hunter in Minecraft
Generation Zero Tank in Minecraft
Generation Zero Harvester in Minecraft

i did a massive tank but the sever was shut down but i had the same idea


image image


image image


image image


Merged. One single thread is quite enough.



Wow, that really looks amazing guys! I also tried to create a tank, however it didn’t end up well. And after that i had the same issue, the server had some issues and got shut down. But your tank, man, it looks incredible, it is like a monster, an octopus. It is really nice and too big in my opinion. In general minecraft is a great game for the development of the creative side. However this game was so annoying back in the day due tot the laggy servers. There wasn’t any kind of a server hosting service like ggservers so it was much harder to mentain the servers.