Generation Zero modding discussion

So, the game has finally arrived, and of course, it would be fun with some mods. Right?

The problem we got is that the Avalanche is using their own “C” file format, every format ends with a “c”. For example (ddsc, navmeshc, environc)

To pass the arc and tab folders you can use this tool for Just Cause

So let’s keep the discussion going and post all your progress.


I do like you enthusiastic idea for more fun , and here’s a but (Sorry) this modding would be for PC and seeing mod’s on this forum would make other console user’s maybe not as pleased with console version’s as the forum would see PC’s doing there thing ( very well ) . I think maybe your modding idea would be best on a site made for PC modder’s , so as to keep the statis quo fair for all on this forum , peace :+1:

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I’m sorry but I disagree. I think the Generation Zero forum is an acceptable place to talk about it. I don’t see what makes it unfair to people playing a different version of the game or why it would even matter. To me that is like saying because I suck at drawing, I don’t want anyone to be able to post their artwork here. or that nobody else can talk about playing multiplayer because I can’t do it without any uncompleted missions I earned beforehand disappearing from my log when I go back to solo.


I’d have to agree here. If modding happens on the PC version, console players just have to live with it. @kakarron is 100% correct. It’s not because I can’t do something that others shouldn’t be allowed to do it or discuss it here. It’s GZ related, whether console players are able to use it or not.


Fair enough , any one remember the 7 day’s to die game ? The forum was a big divide because the pc modder’s were doing there thing which at the time was fair because the game was out years before console , now we have a great game released on all formats at same time here and then pc version gets modded and goes a different direction , will cause confusion , so i guess we will let the dev’s decide what goe’s on in their forum, every one entitled to their opinion , peace

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Let’s see what the Modder’s bring out , if im honest it would generate more discussion on adding to the game , so respect to the people above and do your thing the modders , cos im gonna buy the pc version , done deal :+1:

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I would love to see .50 transfered to The Hunter C.O.T.W. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Taking heads off in COTW it will :ox: and can’t display trophy head with it’s eyes two miles apart :rofl: i get exactly what you mean , cheer’s

And, as it happened in some other games, some good mods could be integrated by the devs into the mainstream game. Or some console players would like one day to play at a PC.

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So how it is now? Any modding issues, ideas, mods?

Well, mods are clearly happening (as can be seen on some renowned mod sites).
There is a startup option to include a mod in the game and the mod is placed in the “dropzone” folder in the game folder.
However. There seems to be little or no info on how to make these mods.

This is a 2 year old thread. Since then it has been established that modding the game files is prohibited by the EULA, so until that changes we’ll keep talk about the subject to a minimum.

Therefor, the thread will have to be locked.


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