Generation Zero : Mördande Stål (Murderous Steel)

Heres the opening for my AU. Its short and sweet which I think will work for how I want this story to evolve overtime.

Enter FOA4)

Lights flare revealing the machanical bodies of apocalypse machines. Its cold and hot. Radiation burns the skin and the cold emptiness makes sure you don’t feel at home. The lights spring to life in a chain reaction finally making an appearance the ‘reaper’.

Its eyes are red and it screeches. Its fumbling to try and escape. Chains and wires they rap around it. It was done on porpouse. Its terrifying, its bellowing is maniacal. It wants to kill, run, hunt. Its head splits, the blood retches from its newly peeled mouth. Metal crunching and stretching. Its so loud. Now that its mouths open the teeth and gums become visible they’re razor sharp like needles and blades. They glow fluorescent under the beaming lights. It’s roar sounds now, more like a wimper. It’s not hunting or running. It’s trying to run away for a reason.

It’s whimpering. Screaming. An escape. Then. A wall next to it blows open, ‘something’ jumps and tips it over. The tank screams mercy but whatever ‘it’ is. Is out, for BLOOD.



Nice start! I took the liberty of correcting the topic title a bit :slight_smile:


Hey its ‘murderous’ btw not Murdering. Thansk

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