Generation Zero Music Suggestion


“Groundwave Offensive” by Dexterous Numerics. It’s entirely about autonomous ai drone warfare. Nice beat.


I think any music from the era would be nice, lots of Swedish music :slight_smile:


No. There is only one correct answer. There can be nothing but ABBA and Ace of Base on the soundtrack : )


I’m sure Ace of Base we’re 90’s I remember being at high school. Duran Duran, E.L.O, The Cure, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Queen, ok not Swedish but the Swiss listen to British music I’m sure.


AoB are indeed 90s, but since it’s 1989, a small artistic liberty - make it sound like a demo tape :wink:


What a great idea…


Maybe “Carpenter Brut”?