Generation zero on switch

It sounds dumb and it might not run well but I think it would be cool to take generation zero on the go (this idea might not be original but I wanted to share it) idm what u say like I said I wanted to share the idea

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Sounds great! Love that idea

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I think it would be awesome to take GZ on the go, but I don’t have a switch :frowning:


Haha I said yes because I have a switch


I would love to be sat on a plane playing GZ. Time would fly and the plane would have landed in half an hour😂


If you want to take “GZ on the go”, buy a laptop. Problem solved.

But for devs to invest tons of money, manpower and time, to downsize GZ onto Nintendo Switch, which runs proprietary OS, is yes, a “dumb” idea.
What’s next? GZ running on your smart phone? :thinking:


Well not all of can afford a laptop. I have a chrome laptop because I can’t afford a nice windows one.

That’s debatable.

Since if you can afford $/€/£450 Nintendo Switch + buying games for it, that cost more than launch price, since Switch games have the “Switch tax” - you can afford low-end laptop as well.

Also, laptop doesn’t need to be a “nice” one or powerful one. “Good enough” laptop will do too. E.g 4 core Intel CPU + GTX 1050 TI/GTX 1650.

I can’t afford to dish out €550+ for Switch + it’s games. I’d rather buy a laptop, if i need one. Especially since having desktop PC + Steam games, i don’t have to buy any of my games again, if i want to play them on the go, on my laptop.

Well, you were able to afford Chromebook + Nintendo Switch + Switch games, right? All these tree combined, price wise, equals good laptop. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the end, convenience costs money, and often at premium price.

Haha I’ve never thought of it that way.