Generation zero/Realy beacon

where are the realy beacon , are they gone? I have several missions without completing 100%.

Relay Beacons should eventually respawn in the same places you destroyed them. There’s one near the church safehouse north of Ostervik.

Some of the relay beacons after re-spawning do not have field radios anymore…Hope this is a bug and temporary.

My experience is that the relay beacons doesn’t respawn normally, when playing single player.

But, some of them reappeared again once after playing a multiplayer session.

After landfall update two(?) new beacon appeared.

I’ve had Really Beacons respawn very often (Like after 2-3 days) and I’ve only been playing solo.

I’m playing on Xbox, what about you @VladTheInhaler ?

I’m playing on PS4. I’m not sure why they haven’t been respawning for you, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen others mention that Beacons are supposed to do that.

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I’m on Ps4 and in my experience Only some of the beacons respawn. Others don’t.

Same for me.
But especially the one east of thr church in Östervik and nord/nord-east of our homebase are there every single day.

Others maybe, too…

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Yep, the one near Ostervik is what springs to mind. That one respawns constantly, so I figured the rest did too. Maybe it’s only a certain amount that respawn, or maybe some have longer respawn times.

Some of them respawn regularly and others respawn from time to time, like the ones around Stora and the crater. They always have a field radio for all players once destroyed. Last few I have destroyed did not have the radios at all.

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I believe the beacons only spawn if you also play multiplayer/coop. I only play solo, and I have never seen any of the ones I shot respawn. :man_shrugging:

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Hi Gysbert,

I repeat myself, but try these ones for example.
Most times I play alone, too.

In the beginning I shot all beacons, but since may 21’ update I decided not to shoot the new ones if they were added. So now I have two that I never shot. The one near the Östervik Church and the one east of Hiker’s Barrack.

The same two as to ones you said, but like I said I never shot these two, so they are supposed to show themselves when I’m near. And because I travel on foot constantly all over the map I should have seen any of the others wink at me by now. None did. :grin:

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I play both co-op and solo and use radio beacons to re-stock my field radio supplies. Which means I have been destroying any and all beacons for the most part since I started playing. Beacon respawns don’t seem to matter if it is solo or hosting a game, they still respawn.

They just started not having field radios in them after they are destroyed. I use to many of them (FR) for them to not come from the radio beacons.

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