Generation Zero Refine Mod and Crashes

I really like some parts of the G0 Refine Mod from Nexusmods. In particular, what they have done with the inventory and HUD. I also like you can delete parts, like keeping fall damage.

The only question I have is this: is anyone who is using this seeing an increase in crashes? I know this could be hard to tell for some as there are people having constant crash issues. However, has anyone noticed an increase in crashed when installing this mod?

I don’t think it’s allowed to talk about mods on this forum. Perhaps better post about it over on Nexus.


I read the code of conduct and did not see mods mentioned. Can any moderator clear this up?

Man this game has it’s share of issues. I wouldn’t risk running a mod along side this game at all. And I’ve read posts in this forum that mods are frowned upon. Be careful.


It’s under Article 19 of the EULA, Prohibited Use.

Use of your own or third-party software to modify any content appearing within the Game, its environment or change how the Game is played or services used;

Basically, if you’re using any mods you’re basically forfeiting any support for issues the game might have.
And because of the above, it can’t be discussed on the official forums.

Edit: Like @OGDH pointed out, try the Nexus forums.