Generation Zero Seeker Challenge!


Kind of a challenge?

Got this idea from a guy in the official Facebook forum, so we tried it out, aggro’d a bunch of Seekers and then just fought everything we could without killing them, what do y’all think?


Is it a challenge? :open_mouth: Since that’s what i commonly do in my solo game. Seeker is the 1st one i aggro and last one i ice.

One time, i was in the Southern part of Farmlands, at the border of South Coast and met military seeker. I let it to blow it’s horn. After i dispatched everyone who came, i didn’t blow it up. Instead, i left it be and continued to walk North, with the seeker on my tail. It was so cute traveling with a buddy, a military seeker. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Sometimes, it kept it’s distance, other times it followed me closely by. Also, whenever the battle started, i positioned myself so that i won’t hit my buddy. Usually just in front of it, protecting it from whoever came. :blush:
That was a lot of fun. I might do it again since playing solo, things get sometimes lonely.


@Aesyle that is the most incredibly creative use of a seeker I have seen to date. I really like that I’m gonna try this too, everybody needs a little friend!


@zombiefaace this sounds like a fun challenge. I’ve let them blow their horn before destroying them but I’ve never thought about just keeping them around until enemies stop showing up. Good post!


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Well looks like it’s time for companions!