Generation Zero should have traders

Im quite new to this forum stuff and this is my first post so i’m not sure if this has already been discussed but what if generation zero had a trader or even multiple traders across the map (these traders would be npcs and maybe these npcs had a story about how they survived as i think it would give them more personality). For instance, if you were running low on simple first aid kits you could go to a trader and trade say 100 rounds or 7.62 for 3 simple first aid kits, and seeing as there is stronger/weaker types or ammunition it would cost say 200 rounds of .32acp for 3 med-kits. Or maybe you were in need or something more difficult to find like grenades or something like that you could trade say 2 adrenaline shots for a grenade.

I was thinking about the locations for them and i think the airbase would be a good spot. Its near the center of the map and for a big airbase all its got is a safe house, a bunker and a FNIX base. i think if a trader was put in one of the empty hangers it would give players a reason to come to the airbase more often as other than a couple side missions and maybe a rival or two i havent found any reason to go to the airbase which sucks seeing as its such a cool part of the map.

This was just an idea i had and im only 15 so i dont really know how stuff like this works but yeah i think this would be a great edition to the game.

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bloody hell i shouldve checked before

No, traders does not fit into the story/feeling/atmosphere of the game. You can ad planes cars tanks but please no traders. Sorry if im being rude

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youre not being rude bro, as i said i have no idea how this stuff works so apologies for the complications

No need to apologies @streetracer7363 there are a lot of ideas people have suggested and you better believe it, if you thought of it someone probably mentioned it in these forms.

Just realize that the Generation Zero team is small so they are limited as to what they can do, and have to priorities their efforts.

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Will there be any plans, I feel like there should at least be a trader, or something like that though.

Or maybe like a npc that you can hire or something, or survivors you can send to go get resources, but with a slight chance of being spotted and -BYEBYE-

You are right, This is a good idea.

I don’t think “interactable” humans are in the pipeline - but I could be wrong.

The NPC’s currently in the game are all part of scripted quests, where you interact with them through predefined dialogue. If you suddenly had human companions, traders etc., this would divert somewhat from the current content of the game.

I believe the team are focusing on other aspects of the game. And since we got the machine companion, I believe future content will focus more on technology rather than interactable NPC’s. This also follows the indications given in the 2023 roadmap (new vehicles, weapon augments etc.).

BTW: I have suggested several times that it would be cool if different NPC’s would hand out random/weekly/procedural missions. But the team doesn’t seem to have really picked up on that idea - yet… :grimacing:

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As there are currently not many animations for humen npc, I don’t believe that we will ever see npcs that do something useful for us.

Instead I could imagine random daily/weekly missions where we have to do something for them.

Imagine a randomly generated small camp, a hideout in a cave or something similar with idle npcs inside. We are called to help them either by destroying some waves of besieging machines or delivering some ressources or crafted med kits.

As reward we get some ressources, XP, … something what fits the situation. (Wouldn’t make much sense to get med kits if we had to deliver some to them, or to get weapons if they were unarmed and needed Help against machines).

Yes this was exactly the types of random missions I would like to see more of… :+1::sunglasses:

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Am against traders very much since it doesnt fit the game. The resistance isnt big and anyone opening a tradingpost whould not have people to trade with. GZ isnt the typical post apoc scenario where there are diffrent small towns and tradingposts. It works fine enough for us to craft and find our own rescources.


NPC to hand out daily or weekly missions I’m all for. Trading no. Resources are plentiful in the game and with crafting just scrap what you don’t need and manufacture what you need. A trader is not needed.


What? FMTEL already does this…a random roaming trader?? For what the bots are already carrying the items just shoot em…

If I were to introduce traders in the game I think it would be very helpful to have them hold all the DLC weapons that are thrown into the Plundra with every DLC pack I buy.

I think this would make a good alternative to acquiring difficult weapons and attachments in the game rather than just relying on RNGJesus.

What would be better than a NPC trader for DLC gear is to add missions that lead you to the level 1 stuff, anything higher stays RNG. The missions can add to the story and give players new missions and more reasons to buy the DLCs. The missions that have players interact with an NPC are a onetime thing and just part of a mission. And if you join co-op and, on most forums, you can find someone willing to “trade” things with or they just give you it. So, traders are already in the game.