Generation Zero Soundtrack

Two of favourite game soundtracks are the ones from Dying Light, due to the scale of that game and the open world style, I find they are the perfect accompaniment to the times when I walk home from work through the countryside location where I am…especially when I’m in that zone from playing the game.

For obvious reasons I’m well into GZ at the moment and really would love for a soundtrack of sorts to come, there’s nothing quite like the music from a game to get you into the mood for a session


Well there is one on spotify.

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I had heard but I’m not from that generation of streaming music :sweat_smile:

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I have seen a few playlists on youtube with some of the tracks, like the menu theme. Would love to see an official soundtrack release though, it’s great stuff :sunglasses:


You’re right, the soundtrack is really evocative. I am very much into Retro Wave and Synth Ambience and GZ just touches all the buttons for me.

Here’s a link to a YouTube playlist (I hope it’s okay to post it here):

I’d love to purchase the complete soundtrack via Amazon Music or even in physical form.

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I love it, and the beta bits and pieces too. It got me back into piano/synth.

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Ah Dying Light! What a game, 5 years old and they keep giving us new weapons enemies and events, hope Generation Zero follows their example!